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Stronghold/Flagship Decoration Bug

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Stronghold/Flagship Decoration Bug

valligurl's Avatar

05.21.2018 , 01:03 PM | #1
So, I've sent in quite a few tickets over time about this without anyone responding or doing anything about it. I'm tired of having to deal with it for about a year.
About 90% of the time I'm decorating I'll run into a bug that won't let me view the full list of decos that I have as well as not able to put down anything but couches. Even when I'm looking at vendors for decos it refuses to show me the preview. And when I want to go donate decos to my flagship it won't even let me view anything to donate except a few couches.
Some screenshots:
I've tried relogging, switching toons, ctrl-u twice. Nothing works.
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05.21.2018 , 02:46 PM | #2
I sometimes have a similar issue but by far not as often. For me (and I really don't know if it's the same issue, so just putting it out there) the problem is usually a search I did in the search field. Even clear doesn't help. I usually have to search for something else, then clear the search again.
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05.21.2018 , 05:28 PM | #3
It's definitely the search issue. It's awkward

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07.10.2018 , 11:36 AM | #4
I find the search feature is bugged. Sometimes it works, but most of the time even if you clear it or close it, when you try again it won't show anything but the previous search.

I also sometimes have issues that if I am close to capacity or at capacity, and remove an item it will sometimes show that I cannot place a new item. I have to hide hooks and re-open them, then I can place the item (this is like a one-for-one switch).

I've noticed that on many occasions when you remove decorations, it will sometimes deselect the hook or if the hook is still selected, it will have problems and still gray-out the area where it should show the hook as available.
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07.14.2018 , 05:01 PM | #5
Yeah, I have had an issue with this lately too. The filter functionality is buggy for me also, when I press the 'clear' button it sometimes only shows some or none of my decorations even in the decoration previewer, but typing things into the field then backspacing them all seems to fix the issue.

Further more I submitted a ticket asking why only one page of over 100 was only showing up even after logging back in and the next day our flagship had been reset and the six decorations I could place at the time were down, the answer to my ticket effectively said 'I placed the 6 items you have and it is working' even though they RESET THE WHOLE FLAMING FLAGSHIP TO TEST IT. Thanks customer 'support'! Though he did give me a massive 200cc as 'goodwill gesture' over the 'misunderstanding' about my guilds many years of rp progression being reset;- Because that helps ease the frustration of my guild members too right? My last ticket was even better, the CSR person seems to have deleted the entire ticket as well as the one before, as in it is there but blank, maybe he doesn't want his supervisor finding out?

Anyhow, I didn't want to turn this into complaint street, just comment that I had the same or similar experience as you guys and an even less helpful assistance than OP from CSR when I lodged tickets. I am off to spend my luxurious 200cc slapintheface gesture. I hope no one else has this experience, my guildies are livid...

Akakiryuuuuuuuuu's Avatar

07.15.2018 , 08:22 AM | #6
I'm very sad the condition of swtor is getting worse. I too have problem with the decorations stuff and doesn't show up when I put them. I don't know how much time my guildmates spend on decorating the flagships but they did their best and I'm really appreciate about it. But since SWTOR "miscommunication" with one of the guildie due to some bug, SWTOR service seems to reset whole flagship and it really make us mad because we spend a lot of our times there. Sigh, they even give 200 CC for the "miscommunication" to one of guildie but what about rest of us in the guild? I don't know. They treat us like we are only worth $2 for them. I really feel bad.