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Bring Back The Bastion

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09.22.2018 , 11:34 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by faithmatzoll View Post
they might not have the budget anymore for two data centers in the usa, and this was a factor in shutting down the west coast one.

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09.22.2018 , 12:28 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by fatsi View Post
It is "funny" how both the Bastion and the Harbinger were more populated than Satale Shan pre-merge. The Harbinger was the most populated server, and now merged with the Bastion, Satale Shan is a cemetary.
Bastion was a ghost town for the year leading up to the last server merge... so your claim is simply false in this regard.

As to if Harbinger had a larger active population at merge then SS does today.. is debatable. Just because queues are slower and fleet populations are apparently lower today then when SS was launched.. is a subjective measure and there is simply no way to verify it one way or the other.
When you find yourself surrounded by hostile Clowns... always go for the "Juggler" first.

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09.22.2018 , 12:31 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Yeldah_ View Post
This thread is not about population. It is about connectivity.
Then why not make the topic of the thread about what you are actually upset about ... rather then this provocative and false thread title.

Bastion was a ghost town.. so your thread title is designed to provoke discussion and misunderstanding. I suggest you retitle the thread to something along the lines of "we need a west coast server, for the benefit of APAC players". That would at least be honest and foster honest discussion.

Quote: Originally Posted by Yeldah_ View Post
This is exactly what I have said ever since United Forces patch. I will continue to advocate for a west coast server (Bastion was west coast) until the game is shut down.
Good luck with that lost cause. They made a business decision and they are exceedingly unlikely to reconsider. There simply are not enough APAC players (not in the past, and certainly not now) to warrant what you demand. We could all wish it was different.. but it is what it is.

Not to mention.. you are being redundant here......
When you find yourself surrounded by hostile Clowns... always go for the "Juggler" first.