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9 People in a Warzone

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9 People in a Warzone

Xenoshark's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 09:27 PM | #1
Alright. So the other day I queue'd up with my buddy in a group. When I enterer the warzone, I ran to the starting area - it was the Alderaan WZ. Shortly upon arriving there, I get another queue pop-up (was completely random, I didn't queue again or anything). This happens about a minute before the match is about to begin.


My friend tells me to accept it to see what happens, so I do.

I end up in the same warzone but not in the raid. Another member joins the actual group raid and we end up playing a 9 vs 8. I wish I had taken a screenshot but was not thinking of it at the time, the scoreboard counted 9 Republic and 8 Empire.

This is quite possibly the largest and most prominent bug to occur in my playtime experience (5 days level 50). Well, I said bug for a reason. The UI reaction in PvP is horrible, but this bug seems to be its own monster and I wonder how common it is. Have I been losing battlegrounds where the Empire had 9 members as well? It's just completely amusing.