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List of Fixes and improvements needed

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > PvP
List of Fixes and improvements needed

Redsuns_'s Avatar

12.29.2011 , 09:23 PM | #1
Fixes needed
Laser lights glitch
Map transparency setting resetting
Companions skill toggle resetting
Locked in combat mode after using Disappearing act(Vanish) or similar skill
Mobs still chasing and attacking after using Disappearing act(Vanish) or similar skill
Chat windows not working
Guild list not working correctly
Dialogue not progressing in flashpoint esseles. Stuck at waiting
Hotkey 1 sometimes activating on its own.
Skills not responding when clicked. Stealthing, casting speeder, executing skills..etc.
Ability lag in combat

Improvements needed
Faster loading when switching planet or instance
Grace period for disconnection in-game
More hotbars
Ability to shift companions skills in hotbar
Better buff/debuff icons arrangement and visibility
Moveable UI
Hide Helmet option for companions
Show weapon for equipment preview window also
Companion also attack when i attack instead of waiting for me to get hit
Warzone bracket
warzone picker
Dungeon finder
Search option for GTN
More breakdown categories for GTN. Example search armor by individual parts
Tweak skill animations for more fluid combat
"You cant do that in stealthed mode" when summoning speeder or resting.
Activate companion skills without the need to expand the hotbar