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whining.....whining never changes

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whining.....whining never changes

Zraktor's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 05:20 PM | #1
remember three weeks ago how the topic to be whined about was how "x" person didn't get into beta.

then two weeks ago it was about how crap this game was and how its wasn't GW2 beta or SWG 2 or it was linearcraft .

then last week it was about how there was no grace period.

and now this week its omg theres no EGA.

seriously lol how soon you forget about topics tht "Doom" this game to failure. totally calling next week will be QQ about server firsts and how it wasn't fair.

and the week after "x" class will be OP at pvp

then the week after will be how theres nothing todo at end game cus we were so impatient to wait for the game to be ready and then when we got it we rushed through the content .

i think i deserve 10 internet points if i get this right. Please ppl **** with the whining, i preordered on the 3rd of october i didn't expect to be in the first few days of EA.