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Some pvp suggestions and wishes to Bioware

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Some pvp suggestions and wishes to Bioware

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12.27.2011 , 06:25 PM | #1
First, i want to say thx to developers for a great work you've done. There's some bugs and a lot more work to make this mmo realy great but its ok for so big size MMO.

I like this game for now, some doubts about what my raidguild will do after a month but for now everything is ok.

As an experienced MMO player i have a lot of suggestions to make this game better. I hope i can do it by posting this thread.

Open-PVP for now is pointless. YesteRday i kill some republic guys on different planets (some of them a few times). Its fun first 100-500 times but whats after?
I just do not want to kill republic forces for nothing, and so think all my guildmates. Even on Ilum i i see no reason to kill them.

So i think you need to make a fame system like some other MMOs.
Make fame counter, KvD counter, global leader boards and common pvp stats(and ability to show and hide this statistics from others).
Make, lets say 10 pvp rank, and no ability to hide it.

So lets say i am rank 4 (Destroyer, slayer or whatever). To get rank 5 i need to kill 20 rank 4 players or 10 rank 5 or 5 rank 6(for example). No fame if i kill rank 1,2,3 and 7,8,9,10 (also +-2 ranks is ok too i think)

Some rules, like:
if enemy below 50% hp - no fame or greatly decreased fame but moch more fame if some one atacked me when my hp below 50% and i killed him.
Decreased fame if atacked on mobs
Decreased fame for group kill.
No or decreased fame for recently killed targets. (some mark on killed player)

Also /pvpstat :
Kills: 10000
deaths: 5000
KvD: 2
and maybe: infamous kills: 10 (lets say 10 dark side points for each)
Solo kills: 9850
Assists: 75
Killing blows: 75

A little valor.
Some money bodydrop: 100-1000 will be enough i think, just a little but enough to want to loot.
Open-PVP Commendations and unique items sets with unique visual (mb different for each rank(but then some like "firbidden for pvp-rank 5 or above"))

Some titles and bonuses for 1000, 5000 etc kills (a joke: darth vader item set for 1 000 000 kills and title: Pure evil)
Special pvp skills at rank 5 and rank 10 or so.

There are many ways to implement this system, and more nuances to make it good, but i know thousands of people who will play this game forever with this system implemented.

What every MMO's developers fear of:
Evil pvp players will kill innocent levelingup players:
Yes, we will. But Open-PVP self-regulating this. How?
Guild: Hey guys some lvl 50 group killed me on quest right now 2 times.
Guild: Where?
Guild: Planet and place description...
Guild: Wohoo, lets go there guys there's a few victims for our pvp party 8)

Some one will cry, be sure and even on forums like: "omg omg omg they killed me 100500 times, remove pvp from this game". But on 50 level he will do the same.

And btw: A war going across the galaxy and there is no innocents.
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