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What would you like to change......

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What would you like to change......

DizzyDay's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 06:10 PM | #1
Just curious as to what most people would want fixed right away if they had the choice. I'm mostly looking at things that are small that would make a rather big impact to the "comfort" factor.

I myself would love to see a UI overhaul done. The current UI while functional seems to be missing so much stuff that a lot of MMO's that get release seem to have day one.

The inability to invite people from your guild to groups in the guild window seems to be non-existent which I think is kind of crazy.

The fact that there is no /roll function in groups is crazy in my opinion it is a MMO necessity which helps keep order in groups, especially raids.

Stacking , Stacking , Stacking. Moving things around between personal storage and cargo holds is tedious because things do not automatically stack with other like items.

And one last little quirk.....stop allowing "grey" low-level quests to show up on my map unless I want them to. :P

All of the above things that I listed are very simple things and I guess that's why they bug me the most. I dunno maybe its just me.

What would all of you like to see put on the change list asap. They don't have to be big things.