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Boarding Party

MajorlyCool's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 05:47 PM | #1
Anyone else have problems in Boarding Party flashpoint? At various times all 4 of my party members had trouble getting back in the correct instance after getting killed. People kept getting a brand new instance. Tried going out and back in repeatedly, trying getting killed again to see if that would put us back in the correct one. The only thing that worked was to have someone who was not expereincing the problem at the moment to zone out and zone back in at the same time with the person having the problem.

Also, 3rd boss loot box would not open after winning the fight.

Finally, on the last fight after our tank died we left the room to reset the encounter and the bosses chased us through half the instance. We actually used this to our advantage and kited them around a circluar area until our tank got back in.