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Lack of demand for crafted items going to be a problem?

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Lack of demand for crafted items going to be a problem?

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12.26.2011 , 12:55 PM | #1
Hello, am level 30 Bounty hunter and have following to discuss:

Right now Empire have absolutely no need for Assault Cannons, so there is no point for Armstech to craft them.

There are only two worthy droid companion to make use of the cybertech crafting skill. Sure you can outfit your ship droid with superior armour, but lets face it, few people use that droid.

I am on Starstorm one server and GTN have a huge lack of ship and droid items, meanwhile there are abundance of armours and even mission schematics for diplomacy, investigation and scavaging. That forces prices on droid and ship upgrades sky high while mission schematics must be sold for low price to make any kind of return within 24 hours.

Then we have one final issue, the abundance of craftable items.
Green base schematic can give you up to thee blue schematics when reverse engineered. Which in turn gives you up to five purple schematics. Taking in account there is a new item schematic for every 3 levels starting from 9 (usually), if you aim to "Catch'em all", your in for a tough ride. Just for Droid Motor there is four schematics available from level 9 to level 16, about 20 different purple schematics just for droid motor.

The icing on the cake is crafting interface, which leaves much to be desired in terms of sorting settings and hiding unwanted information. One major feature that would improve crafting experience would be to remembering sorting choices. Sadly that seem to have slipped developers mind as majority of crafting windows DO NOT REMEMBER THEIR SETTINGS...

So lets rant until Bioware improves crafting user interface or we get mods

EDIT: I love the idea of Bioware releasing official GUI mods you can turn on or off like Firefox themes / Winamp or Windows Media Player skins.

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12.26.2011 , 01:45 PM | #2
The UI on all fronts is a problem not just crafting and hopefully that is a priority.

The sorting for crafting armor (for my skill) is a problem simply because I think it should be possible to organize by the specific armor set and then different tiers of that armor. Some kind of bracket, such as skill tree bracket, showing the recipes you have (which would be lightened) and the recipes you havent unlocked (would be darkened) so you have an idea of what is available and what you have would be nice. I don't think I should have to use the forum or an external site to figure out which recipes I can get and continually RE to try to acquire.

People are freaking out about lack of demand - I don't think we can make any kind of opinion on that at this point. I am going to focus on crafting specific armor sets (the ones I think look cool and will sell and go from there). Every purple I have crafted has sold before the 2 day posting has expired so far.
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12.26.2011 , 03:21 PM | #3
The game is a week old. Most people are still leveling. The value of crafted items will be much different when everyone has leveled and it tired of running the same flashpoints over and over.

People need to understand that MMOs are marathons, not drag races.
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