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Mandelorian Raiders - some q's as a tank.

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12.25.2011 , 07:59 PM | #1
Some questions on Mandelorian Raiders:

I realize there's some writeups out there but the two that I've seen seem horribly inaccurate. Many videos out there at this point seem to be made by people who are seeing the encounters for the first time and trying to figure it out themselves, so their runs seem as chaotic as mine have been.

And so that's why I post my questions here. I've only seen this instance two times, so I'm still trying to sort out the chaos. This one doesn't seem to have nice clean orderly mechanics like Athiss did.

BOSS #1: The dogs don't seem to have any sort of agro table, AND are untauntable. They appear to pingpong between group members no matter how hard I hit them OR no matter who else is shooting at them. Fortunately they don't seem to do a ton of damage, so the healer could just heal through the group damage while DPS focused them down. I've never had agro problems in any instance before this boss, even on multiple targets so I can't imagine it's my lack of threat. the boss clearly drops threat, but I just taunt him back and go on my way. Please correct me if I'm wrong here??

BOSS #2: These guys gave me some fits. I would go in, establish agro on all four. I'd have the group kill the dual lightsaber guy first (Rokam was his name??) because he seems to drop agro non stop and require constant taunts. Fight gets easy after the purple light saber guy is dead. I keep trying to drop some sticky grenades or volleys on the ranged guys to keep them interested in me instead of the healer. Am I missing anything or is this fight just chaotic like that?

BOSS #3: Pretty easy, but the group I was in seemed to have pretty low DPS - we'd go though 3 or 4 sets of turrets before getting him down. Basically I would establish threat on the boss, and when he jumped away I'd go to him, pick up the turrets and then go back to the boss while the DPS finished the last set of turrets... and rinse and repeat. Any better solutions?

Thanks for the tips.

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12.26.2011 , 05:02 AM | #2
I know everyone's too busy griping about a 6-day-old game to discuss tactics, but...


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12.26.2011 , 05:22 AM | #3
As I remember it, the first boss "mechanic" is only that the dogs get a damage boost if they are close to the handler when he drops the big circle on the floor. So you basically just kite the boss away from the dogs. Really didn't have much trouble just burning the trio down.

2nd boss is MUCH easier if you have an offtank. So one tank takes the ranged bosses and the other the melee ones. It's true the one of the saber guys seem to target a random person now and then.
The trick to that one is to take the last two bosses down at the same time. If one boss is left alive, the damageboost he gets is close to impossible to outheal.

Afaik you can now CC the boarding party bosses, and the fight gets trivial..
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12.26.2011 , 06:02 AM | #4
The dogs: tank the main, burn the adds (no need to tank them, just keep your healer guarded)

With the 4 bosses: I found it effective to have the tank grab aggro while everybody else breaks LoS using one of the sets of crates off the side. After grabbing the bosses, the tank follows the rest of the group to whichever side they go. Burn down the Inquisitor first, then Warrior, then ranged.

The last boss, you've got it basically right. That's what my group did and we beat him without realizing one of our DPS was AFK.

Either I just had a fantastic group or this FP is too easy.

I've only done this FP once as I have been abroad since early access ended and don't want anybody to rely on me when I can't play properly, but these strats worked for myself and my group, including when we 3-manned the final boss.
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