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Carbon Copy Skills Addition

Neonxkz's Avatar

04.01.2014 , 11:22 PM | #1
Can we make it possible to buy the opposite class animations? Or to even make it where we can buy a package that changes the color of our skills to a certain extent?
What I'm saying is, is that as a person who has played Sith Juggernaut all the way up to 51 and who is now doing a Jedi Guardian, I'd like the Juggernaut skill animations and aesthetics much more than the guardian and for them to be able to be put on the Guardian. So why not make it possible to be able to buy the Sith Warrior skill animations/effects and put it on that Jedi Guardian.
There should also be the option to be able to change the color. The Sith Warrior animations are dominantly red in color, so it should be fairly easy to change the base color to blue or green. As a Jedi Guardian, I'd actually want to be able to force scream my enemies

The idea as a whole should be (or sounds to be) low budget, and shouldn't be time consuming at all. Simply make it where you take all of the skills and recolor them, or take the skills and turn it into an equippable package (for valid classes) in the Cartel Market

The same things can be fone for classes like the sith inquisitor, where we can be able to change the lightning to red or white if you wanted to.

This would also help make the aesthetics of classes who use firearms look better too. For instance, if you have a purple color crystal in the blaster rifle of an operative, the power shot skill still makes a red projectile. Being able to change the skill color according to the crystal color makes the game look that much better as a whole.

For me personally, I would actually pay money for this.

It also wouldn't hurt for Bioware to make skill packages, where they change the animations of the character. So there could be things such as the Marauder or Sentinel holding the lightsaber in different ways. Or the skills and aesthetics to look completely different, but are the same.

What do you guys think?

idnewton's Avatar

04.03.2014 , 02:47 AM | #2
I don't necessarily think we should be able to 'buy' the other faction's version, but we should have multiple variants of the effects.

Changing Force Choke into a force lightning stun (like Darth Malgus's in Deceived) is one example. Also, changing the Sith Warrior's red effects to the Sith Inquisitor's purple would be neat as well. Blue force lightning for Inquisitors, gold effects for Jedi Knights, blue effects for Jedi Consulars, etc.
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chillshock's Avatar

05.20.2014 , 11:47 PM | #3
I'd already cheer if more of the effects would use the color crystals color.

Really cool would be:
Mainhand color = as is
Offhand color = if available the other effects that are currently stuck in one color switch to this. Else they use offhand or (if toggled) don't.

But yes, more choice would be cool. I always preferred a vibroblade to a blaster-shotgun.

Sidenti's Avatar

05.21.2014 , 07:25 AM | #4
I can see being able to buy certain weapon skills (obviously not things like lightsaber skills, but vibroblades and firearms? Why not?) but I don't know if I'd be an outright fan of a Jedi suddenly doing Force Lightning on Fleet and NOT being able to kill the invader where they stand. -bp

striderXIII's Avatar

06.10.2014 , 11:40 AM | #5
This would be very cool and would give us the chance to personalize our characters even more.

I would just add that, maybe, just maaaaybe... your current Light/Dark level could, in this case, affect the animation/name/icon of the skill.

I.e. , if you are a Jedi Guardian who's reached dark III, your Force Stasis (I think it's called) becomes Force Choke.

I wanted to suggest this for ages, but didn't have an active subscription.

Now off to suggest that preferred players should get access to at least some parts of the forums. -_-