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Best Voice Acting?

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04.05.2014 , 04:02 PM | #81
Sith warrior

Your Name---NOW!
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04.05.2014 , 04:16 PM | #82
Quote: Originally Posted by lironBD View Post
Sith warrior

Your Name---NOW!
I miss that line a lot on my Inquisitor.
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04.06.2014 , 08:24 PM | #83
I really liked the BH Male, not enough love. I'll do a similar 1-10 system for my personally favs so far.

Bounty Hunter Male - 9 Thought it fit the bell perfectly but the random lisp on some of the end game stuff bugs me. Makeb he does it sometimes so I had to dock him a point.

Sith Warrior Male - 8.5 I like to be sarcastic as much as possible and the voice acting here does help quite a bit being a little less "I'm sith so I gotta talk all Sith like all the time" like the Inquistor. Not a fan of the male Inquisitor to say the least. Kind of a turn off of sorts.

Jedi Consular Female - 9 Really like her voice, still pretty early on, but it's nice no complaints. I think it fits the character nicely.

Smuggler Male 9.5 - Gotta say this is easily the most fitting actor in the game right now. Really delivers all the lines perfectly and I find it hard to log out cause I just want to hear him verbal b**** slap you with a funny one liner. I heard it was the same guy who voiced Alistair, gotta say I loved Alistair too.

Trooper Male 8 - As generic as it is it fits the character really well, especially if you play the "Yes sir" style like I found myself playing. It's hard not to when ever companion gets wet, if you catch my meaning, when you are the model soldier. Generic but fits so I gave him a higher rating.

Sith Inquisitor Male 6 - Probably one of my favourite characters mainly cause I modelled mine after Maul, I know hopeless fanboy but we all know Maul was the only thing worth seeing in EP 1. But the voice acting is very much lacking for me. I kind of prefer more neutral sounding voice acting and this one was a little too Imperial-ish. And I like to make my takes in the bigger model but the voicing kind of forced a smaller fram build. Just felt off can't really explain what went wrong. The voicing fit and in this case hinders the character for me.

Imperial Agent Male 7.5 - Once again a character who's voice fit the character but rubbed me the wrong way. I only enjoy this character for a short while before the voice acting kind of just turns me off, sounds very weird but my vocabulary is kind of limited. Fit the character but missed for me. Too imperial for me, I like to be as neutral as possible.

I only have one female character because I don't like being a female in games because it "feels" weird but I made the Consular female because I thought why not. The first female character I ever made was in DCUO cause I seen Posion Ivy loading screen pic and said "Mmm" kind of pervy but whatever Lol. But yeah for the most part I am Male because, well I am male, so I just recently decided to re roll some classes as the female counter parts since I want to try as many of the advanced classes as possible, and the stories except the Smuggler's are pretty good.
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04.07.2014 , 04:41 AM | #84
Trooper - 6/10. Fine.
Knight - 9/10. "You have my word, it will be done". Fits good guy role just great.
Smuggler. Never played one, but scoundrel giggle is 10/10
Inquisitor - 10/10. Very charismatic voice, I believe it would fit both LS and DS.

BH - 7/10. Well done.
Knight - 8/10. Very sweet, music to my ears.
Consular - 8/10. Not much emotion, feels great for wise consular. Best ouches
Trooper - 9/10. Jennifer Hale is always great.
Scoundrel - 9/10. Young and cocky. "I love this job" during space missions is awesome
Agent - 10/10. Absolutely brilliant. Worth rerolling just to listen to her convos again.
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04.07.2014 , 07:31 PM | #85

Bounty Hunter

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04.11.2014 , 12:31 PM | #86
female smuggler for lyfe!

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04.17.2014 , 02:13 PM | #87
My favorite from what I have heard so far was Female Smuggler, and my least favorite - the Male Smuggler.

I liked Female IA, and Warrior, and M!Inquisitor

I am ambivalent about a male JK, male IA and F!Trooper.

I did not like F!Consular but I got used to her.

My most favorite voice/soundset in the companion cast is Zenith so far, I also like Kalyio's and Tharan's.

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04.18.2014 , 12:53 PM | #88
Best Male:

I LOVE the Sith Warrior voice. Very brutal and authoritative - demanding of respect.

Best Female:

Imperial Agent - bar none.

Least favorite male:

Smuggler - sounds so generic. Otherwise humorous lines fall flat. He sounds too much like a frat boy or a bro

Least favorite female:

Sith Inquisitor - she sounds like she's in her mid 40's pushing 50.

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04.30.2014 , 03:18 PM | #89
This is probably going to be pretty disjointed but bear with me...

SW - Both male and female are great! The guy could sound a bit more aggressive, but overall very commanding and ******. DS lines get better when you put one of those masks on. My femMara is going LS and the voice fits surprisingly well, demands your attention and respect.

BH - Heh, the male voice is great although seems a bit too gravelly at times. As for the female voice, I instantly recognized her as Grey DeLisle (you know, Viconia from the Baldur's Gate series), so I simply had to make another BH just to hear her voice hahah.

Trooper - Varric is my bro in DA II, but here... it just doesn't work. Plus I was really disappointed at the sound effects of the assault cannon, so I'm probably never gonna finish my Commando

IA - The male voice grew on me, lots. Fits my Chiss char perfectly! I'm pretty sure the fem voice is the same one that did femHawk, so that has me intrigued.

JK - Hayter is familiar to me from the MGS series, but here he sounds a bit too serene, calm and collected. I know the ideal Jedi is supposed to be abnormally calm, but something about his performance rubs me the wrong way.

SI - The guy's decent I suppose. Like many, I wanted to make a Darth Maul, but the VA obviously doesn't fit that. Didn't stop me from finishing the story as assassin though. I rolled a female sorc this week, the VA seems pretty good, although I did notice how her delivery turns veeery slow when she's delivering the more evil lines which I found unintentionally funny.

Snuggler - The male performance overall is great. Could be the lines, could be the VA, could be both. Sounds,,, kinda too young at times or something, but I have had a great time with my Smuggler nitpicking notwithstanding.

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05.01.2014 , 12:49 PM | #90
I am loving my Male Smuggler. I think that the appreciation that people have for one or the other greatly depends on which choices you make. I love my Smuggler.