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Assassin or Marauder?

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Assassin or Marauder?

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04.25.2014 , 09:49 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Hawr View Post
in my case, all my characters are non-sensitives.
I'm willing to make a new jedi or sith for the first time. But i'm conflicted about making a juggernaut\guardian or shadow\assassin. I'm trying to decide based on what ppl say.

With the shadow\assasin, as far as i know, you must be a average to good player, and still you wouldn't input a big treat to other classes (assuming that those players have the same level as you). But i hope i'm wrong...
Speaking of PvE right now, the assassin dps is the worst of all. You need to play it perfectly to just be a bit better than an average sniper or marauder.

Both classes are very viable for SM ops content, but you will have to really make a name for yourself if you want to be accepted into HM/NiM content groups.

As for the actual rotation, neither deception nor madness are particularly tough. But you will have to watch your procs with deception, so you can't pick your nose while dpsing like you can with other classes.
Ma'kaela - jedi shadow in training
Mákaela - assassin in the shadows

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04.25.2014 , 11:00 AM | #12
You do need to have a better than average proficiency in the game techniques to play a Force User class without a perma-group. I started the game with a Consular, Smuggler and IA, and I was blown away by how much easier shooters were. Since then, I play Seer in a perma-group (with a Guardianl), have no problems with a Smuggler (erm, mostly) and play Marauder instead of IA for now.

My Consular was Balanced at first, and it was neither here, nor there. Whenever I ended up on my own, it was a slow, tedious gameplay. Now, my gameplay is based on the: "Yeah, yeah, Evil Boss X, bet you didn't count on me bringing the big guy along. Hon?" Then I ran in the corner and start healing with an occasional offensive spell. I presume that the same would apply to the mirror class. Not exactly the blood-pressure rising gameplay I have on a Mara. Nor the steady and smooth sailing on a Smuggler. Come, see, shoot, onward.

I have read up on the FU Tanks, and the play seems to be awesome if and only if you put brains and full attention to it. Hence, I am not planning to try one, until I am much more mobile and learn to stack and use procs much better one more forgiving DPS characters. I am not tempted to play a Telekinetic DPS at all after trying Balance on Consular. Which sucks because I planned two Inquisitors, because I am interested in the LS/DS and male/female sides of the story.

Double-suck, too, because I played magic users for years and years. Bards, Druids, Priests were my favs, and Consulars in KOTORs.

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04.27.2014 , 04:03 PM | #13
I'm just going to be the guy who is going to tell you the honest-to-god truth and end this thread,
Marauder, on a technical level (also one can argue on a story level) is the most powerful class in the game at the moment.

Assassin is one of the weakest and clearly broken of all the classes. It has been for i think the past 5 or 6 patches.
They are also not hard to play at all.
No class is exceptionally hard, this game was designed for ages 13+, whoever thinks they are special because they are playing a "harder" class is a douche-bag.
Die hard assassin players will tell you it's the hardest class to play because they are indeed weather they realize it or not, playing the weakest class (hence the hardest in they're minds so they think they are better human beings some how, video game elitism is so dumb)

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04.28.2014 , 12:30 PM | #14
I play both (Sentinel and Shadow) and can say they are completely different styles. I love playing them equally.

Sentinel/Mara is a much faster style of play with almost endless hitting as their resources are designed to to build up and inflict massive amounts of damage over a prolonged period of time. You have to be on top of your cool downs constantly and know which ones should take priority at any given moment. Mastery of the class depends on knowing how to prioritize them. You could literally go on damage dishing forever and never really run out of resources since you can build it back up in a matter of slashes. They have IMO the best closing skill in the game (force leap) which is shared with Guardian. And some of the best single hit DPS skills in the game Precision Slash + Blade Strom and Master Strike.

Shadow/Sin is much more of a cloak and dagger style of gameplay (if you play infiltration). They are designed to be in stealth nearly all of the time and sneak in from behind to deal a killing blow. The vast majority of their DPS comes in the first couple of strikes and their resources are quickly depleted. So DPS comes in high peaking spikes rather than in gentle waves like the Sentinel. There isn't a whole lot to manage so IMO it's a lot easier to play than Sentinel.

Another difference about their game play is that Sentinels are fast and very mobile. They move around the battlefield like a f-22 raptor. They can disappear for a few seconds and be right on top of you the next dealing blow after blow. Shadows on the other hand are more of the hit and run type fighter. They will pop in from nowhere and land devastatingly hard blows with everything they got and then disappear again to do the same thing over again to you until you are dead.

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04.28.2014 , 04:46 PM | #15
if u wanna be master of pvp take assis.. they best none skill op class atm