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[Treasure Hunting] did something change in last patch?

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[Treasure Hunting] did something change in last patch?

ScipioAemilianus's Avatar

04.17.2014 , 12:19 PM | #1
While I understand loot tables and random chance, I have noticed since the patch I haven't looted a single item to make my upper end purples from treasure hunting. I've had some time off since the patch so I've been cramming as much game time in as possible. . .a lot. . .and I expect some fails, and a win o two a day. . but nothing not a single item I need I forget the names the gems hat are needed to make the +41 crystals and the other thing that is needed for the enhancements. Like I said I am not expecting a win every time. . .but nothing in days?

psandak's Avatar

04.20.2014 , 10:02 AM | #2
Before I took a short break recently, I ran a number of grade 9 treasure huntinng gem missions and got Mytag Crystals (the purple material) several times.
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SteelTriton's Avatar

04.21.2014 , 05:45 AM | #3
Its just bad luck I have run Kira and my ship droid on missions and they both came back with Mytag crystals this week and over the weekend.