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[Artifice] Required Level

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[Artifice] Required Level

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04.20.2014 , 05:09 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jedi_Knight_Jess View Post
Could you explain what item ratings mean? I see that a lot in the pvp thread, and ops threads about armors being 69 and 72's and stuff

also.....I tried to sell a purple mod, and it said I couldn't because it's bound to me? How does that work?

Ratings dont really matter to the character until 55, but the item ratings are affected by ARMORINGS, not mods, not enhancements, just armorings and barrels for the weapon.
You should craft armorings only, because you can buy mods and enhancements from the commendation vendor for your level, in the supplies section on the fleet.