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Jedi Guardian Solo Questing Build???

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Jedi Guardian Solo Questing Build???

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04.01.2014 , 12:34 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by jstankaroslo View Post
My Vigilance Guardian is and was one of my strongest characters.
Vigilance is DPS, so you kill enemies quickly, but you have heavy armor -that is damage reduction. You'll also have two stances (lightsaber forms) to swich -one best suited for DPS and the other boosts your damage reduction and shields -which was ideal for me for tougher fights.
So equip shield, gear up and there will be nothing to stop you. With a healer I was able to do most heroics.
I was thinking later on to respect and try vigilance for PvP, it seemed like a balanced spec

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04.01.2014 , 12:38 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by swtonewbie View Post
I leveled a Juggernaut and i went with the middle tree (forget what its called on Guardians). I found that it was a lot more fun then the tanking tree. I ran with my ranged dps companion first, even once i got my healing companions i still ran with Vette. Once i got my melee dps companion i used that comp instead (not gonna say name, dont want to spoil the sith warrior story). I ran that setup and very rarely did i have to use my healer. Since i was planning on always using a dps companion i picked up biochem, though i didnt have to use as many medkits as i thought i would. My gear was also full custom gear starting at level 10 and i kept it fully upgraded with blue quality gear at 4 level intervals starting at level 15. Once i got to Makeb i used my healer just to make things a bit safer.

Once i changed my comp from a dps to a healer, my spec from the middle dps tree to the tanking tree and i changed my mods out to be more defense oriented my gameplay changed. It went from 'i might die if i dont pay attention' to 'omg this is so boring and i dont think i'll ever die'. It sucks that my leveling got so boring and what was funny is that my main in WoW for 5-6 years was a Prot Warrior. So tanking, especially a Jugg tank is natural for me...but it just felt boring when compared to the middle dps tree.
Yeah I have a Dwarf Warrior tank in WoW, and that game feels so different to this especially with the less aggro mechanics in SWTOR

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04.01.2014 , 12:57 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Merouk View Post
You focus your mods for defense, shield, and absorb for the tank build, and you focus your mods for power and/or crit for the DPS build. Several hundred +power vs. several hundred +defense from your gear makes a big difference in performance.
Thanks for the advice on armour mods, they do baffle me quite a bit X)