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Starfighter gets tracked stats, PvP Warzones don't. Opinions?

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Starfighter gets tracked stats, PvP Warzones don't. Opinions?

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02.04.2014 , 08:26 PM | #1
So, 2.6 brought a new board of statistics of your progress in Galactic Starfighter. For over 2 years we've waited for leaderboard, and even more so for some sort of stats regarding number of matches, kills, deatchs, wins, loss, etc etc. You can easily find the new Starfighter record page by clicking on the icon right next to the Turtorial "?"-icon on your Hangar-window.

So, why would Starfighter get stats, tracked numbers from all of your matches played, but normal PvP Warzones gets nothing? We've always had Wins, kills, and MVP votes tracked but since you reset them when Pre Season 1 was over we can no longer track our total wins since launh of the game. The kills are there still. The wins though, they are gone. So not just that our PvP Warzone stats are bugged/not correct, BioWare decide to NOT add more dynamic statistics for PvP Warzones at the same time they do it for Galactic Starfighter.

Is this another proof they dont give a **** about PvP except not losing their PvP players or is it just a very ba decision to not even mention it to be added in the future? The future seems so darn dark for PvP all the time. Once in a while you just wanna hear "PvP this" or "PvP that" from them, but it never happens. Just hints about things to come in a year or 6 months like "THIS NEW HUTBALL WARZONE" or "THIS IS JUST PRE SEASON, SEASON ONE WILL START SOON" etc.

Any thoughts on this matter? If not, may the force be with you and gank dem Imps!
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02.04.2014 , 08:32 PM | #2
Well, wzs do have stats.

MvP Votes

^^ No mention of deaths, total matches, losses, etc. But yeah, we do get stats. XD
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02.05.2014 , 12:25 AM | #3
I believe OP is referring to stats that are saved for your character and don't disappear after a match is over like in WZs.

I completely agree with the OP... more people play regular PvP matches than GSF. I wish we would get the same level of support from BioWare's Dev Team. It would give me additional incentive care factor in PvP... even motivate me to focus more on it and even less on PvE because it would give me another reason to play/PvP in this game.

Best of luck to you OP in getting this resolved.
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02.05.2014 , 12:45 AM | #4
I don`t get why they keep pushing Starfighter, if you want air combat there are games like War Thunder with different game modes ranging from realistic to arcade that pretty much makes Starfighter look.... lame.

But i think they see it as a new opportunity to get money via ship skins and such... good for them bad for us.

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02.05.2014 , 03:20 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexhpy View Post
I don`t get why they keep pushing Starfighter,.

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02.05.2014 , 06:25 AM | #6
Personally, I'm glad and relieved that they didn't add such stat details to warzones. Kill/Death ratio tends to make people behave like complete douchebags, and it's never beneficial to the quality of PvP on the whole. I know I get an OCD twitch whenever something like that gets tracked without a way to wipe the slate clean.

Tracking the "good" stats without the "bad" stats may give some people further incentive to strive for better performance, but it doesn't discourage anyone from trying. This battle record thing just guarantees I will never touch GSF.

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02.05.2014 , 06:52 AM | #7
PvP should get tracked on an equal level like GSF is, imho. It would give a lot of number material for discussions, and bust some myths, so to say.
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