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Need vs Greed Loot W****s

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12.25.2013 , 09:20 AM | #31
I have never been a huge fan of the loot system here. but this is my take on it.

- If you join a guild run ask their loot rules up front, if you don't like them drop group.
- If you join a pug run and no one says anything Need if you need on that toon (off spec counts), Greed for everything else.
Ask if you want to take it for an alt or companion
- Set bonuses over comm armorings all day long.
- In my raid we do assigned loot to maximize our optimization as a team. (dps = mainhand first)
If we pug someone into a raid team, I ask them what gear they need, Talk to them raid member that would win that piece and we offer them the piece that they need. Everything else goes to the person it is assigned to.

I personally try to keep gear I earn on the toons I earn it on. Comm gear I send over and if I have all my set pieces I'll send them over. I don't get upgrade loots and send them to alts.

The biggest issue I have usually go something like this:
I'm raiding on my healer cause she needs some set drops and the tank dc's. The raid leader goes back to fleet to spam for a tank and is gone for 30 min. I say in ops chat. I have a tank, but I am raiding for gear for my healer. If you want me to switch I will, but I want to try to get a set piece for my healer. A few people are like YEAH! sounds great, and one or two people start calling me greedy, selfish, and all sorts of fun names. I don't have to switch roles. I am trying to be nice and keep the raid going. After the response I get from the name callers, I usually just drop group. I don't need to deal with that kind of treatment or attitude.

Ultimately it is up to every leader how they want to run their pugs. and it is up to every person to have some personal accountability.

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12.26.2013 , 07:50 AM | #32
I'm all for only rolling on the toon you are on, but some responses here have made me reconsider. In most other MMOs, it's all BOP. But, if I have an overgeared tank/healer and I can fairly faceroll and get my alts/comps gear... I should be able to do that. Now, when entering an op, these people should state that they are there to roll for alts as well, it shouldn't be a problem. Some will take offense to it, but as other said, if they are carrying the group in a key role, they should get something for their efforts.
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12.26.2013 , 12:31 PM | #33
I did run into a Maurader on Boarding party yesterday that Needed on every roll, green, orange, stuff he couldnt even use. I didnt notice it at first since I had already gotten most of the drops out of there but then the second tank item that dropped, I called him out on it.

"did you know that you just needed on heavy armor, you cant wear that?"

"Duh, but I can sell it you N00b!"

....."are your planning on needing everything then?"


He was kicked pretty quickly and put on the ignore list but manged to ninja 2 Oranges and all of the green drops, overall no one in our group really even needed them that bad, but c'mon man... best part is that his characters name was something along the lines of, no joke, RudeJerk, so at least he was aptly named!

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12.26.2013 , 07:50 PM | #34
Had one on a lowbie run [The Foundry], he needed on everything so he could sell for credits (found out he was a F2P player, figures..).
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12.26.2013 , 08:10 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Fidelicatessen View Post
I run lower-level ops all the time to help my friends and guild. I roll greed on the stuff that isn't an upgrade for me because, y'know what? That's the fair thing to do..
I'm curious If you run things to help your friends and guild do you not also then roll for those players so they have a better chance of getting it?

In general the topic can vary between people rolling because they need something on another character/offspec/companion or just want to sell it. - for the OP's question I think its ok to roll for alts however personally I would prefer it if people would say before - at the same time I would like people to not persecute someone for doing so too.
It's a public group and you can't control the morals of others. If you take offence ignore them and move on. You won't group with them again. Personally I would rather someone say something before they take an item but that is why I would run any groups I set up that way. If you join a group its up to the leader of that group to set the rules

Additionally Slafko...
Quote: Originally Posted by slafko View Post
You're not? Could have fooled me.
Then re-read what I posted. I never said it was a bad system or bashed it in any way.
Quote: Originally Posted by slafko View Post
The operative word here being appear.
This is why I used the word. I didn't post it for my benefit it was to show you how interpretation of rules can differ,
Not really sure why you questioned it. Maybe I wasn't clear enough.
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12.30.2013 , 02:16 PM | #36
I don't like the loot system either. Ran into a 75% guild run on red eclipse server in EURO on imperial side. That whole entire guild and not the pugs needed on everything 69. All the mainhands all the underworld. They were all mostly 72-78 geared, Then i decided to ask why are people needing on underworld and arcanian mainhands when the whole entire guild already had 72 mainhands. Just ridiculous. Hate the system really. Funny thing is the guild mentioned it from the start. No ninja on loot system. But hell the whole entire guild ninja everything.

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12.31.2013 , 01:48 PM | #37
Depends on the rules of the OPs, most do not have rules. If I go on a toon with full 78s and want to roll on gear for my alts, I have as much a right as you do. It is a pug, I am not running to gear you out.

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12.31.2013 , 04:24 PM | #38
The first thing you should always do is establish the loot rules before the first boss is pulled. If they aren't, then you have no right to complain. After that, if the outcome is something you don't like, as long as it's in the rules, you still have no right to complain. You will of course. No one says you have to like it, and no one can make you like it, but if it is in the rules it is in the rules. I personally think you're a crappy person for rolling on a token drop just to vendor it, but if nothing is established in the rules before hand preventing it, then however much you might hate it, it's nevertheless fair.

Keep in mind that the only "default standard" is that everyone can roll need or green on anything that drops of green quality of higher, because that's what the game defaults too. After that, everyone has a different idea of what the "standard" should be. Personally, my default is that everyone gets one token drop need roll per run. Doesn't matter who you're rolling for. Other people think you should only roll for the toon that is actually in the op, though to me that seems pretty silly. Everyone has a different opinion though, and that's the point.

So establish the rules up front, and if you don't like drop, and if you agree to the rules, don't complain to the ops if the outcome is within the rules.
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