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Ideas for New Class Companions

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Ideas for New Class Companions

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12.08.2013 , 12:52 PM | #1
Duran'del here:

Legacy companions are great, for sure, but they just don't have the uniqueness of a class specific companion. So, Here are my suggestions for new companions.

First up, the Bounty Hunter.

Corad Fett:
Role: Healer/Ranged DPS
Species: Human Male
Weapons: Assault Cannon and Power Generator
Stats: Aim and Endurance(Heavy Armor)
-Shatter Shot: fires an Armor-piercing round at the target, dealing X kinetic damage and decreasing their armor by 25%. CD: 10s
-Plasma Round: Fires a fiery round at the enemy, causing X kinetic damage on impact and Y internal Damage over time. Can only be use on enemies suffering from Shatter Shot. CD: 5s
-Rapid Scan: Scans an ally and heals them for X amount. Cast time: 3s, CD: 5s
-Mending Scan: Scans a Ally, cleansing 2 negative physical or tech debufffs. CD: 5s
-Chaff Flares: Decreases threat to all hostiles, purging all negatives effects. CD: 30s
-Charged Bolts: Charges Assault Cannon and fires, dealing X amount of damage and has a secondary effect depending on what charge Assault Cannon is set on. CD: 5s
-Full Auto: Unloads powerpack onto an enemy, causing X amount of damage ever second. Can only be used after a Charged Bolts. CD: 10s
-Kolto Shell: Places a Kolto Shell on the target, healing them for X every 3 seconds and an additional Y when target is attacked. CD: 15s
-Combat Support Charge: Charges the assault cannon with Kolto gas, increasing all healing done by 5%, decreasing threat by 25%, and Charged Bolts and Full-Auto can now be used on Friendly targets, healing them.
-Anti-Armor Charge: Charges the cannon with a powerfull armor piercing charge, increasing armor penetration by 25%, accuracy by 5%, and Charged Bolts disorients enemies, decreasing their accuracy by 25% for 10 seconds.

There will be more to come, but here are some of my Ideas:

Bounty Hunter's Second Companion: Shae Viszla(Human Female, Ranged DPS, dual wield pistols, aim and endurance)

Trooper: Jonas Balkar(Human Male, Healer/Ranged DPS, Sniper and Knife, Cunning and endurance), June Avron(Human Female, Ranged DPS, dual-wield pistols)

Smuggler: SZ-32 "Breach"(Droid [Male-programming], Melee DPS, Techblade and Scattergun, Aim/Cunning and Endurance).

I'll need more ideas for Smuggler, Agent, JK, JC, SW, and SI companions.
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vPLethality AmillarArturon

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12.10.2013 , 02:49 AM | #2
Current companions cover all bases, but I'd still like new personalities in there.

DO NOT click those wikia links if you wish to avoid Trooper and Smuggler story spoilers.

I'd like Kixi as a companion for my Smuggler(s).
IMO, she should be close range Scoundrel type. Shotgun blasts and all that. With a long cooldown stun/interrupt.
Female Romance option, imo. Or at the very least, for both.

For Trooper:
Cunning. Either close or long range Agent type: Blaster Rifles and Vibroknives.
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