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SWTOR Music Suite

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07.19.2013 , 06:58 PM | #61
really really neat , awesome job
LS Bounty hunter and always willing to help a brother !

K'oyacyi vod ! Pirunir sur'haaise !
The Mando'ad legacy , TRE

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11.23.2013 , 07:42 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by Taramayne View Post
heh sorry to have disappeared for a couple months, but just came back to this thread recently to get the tracks again, and remembered i had asked this.

I heard this track when my agent docked at balmorra and had just gotten off her ship in the spaceport hangar. it played immediately upon loadin.

It appears to be the first part of the track: Balmorra:the forge from the track list referred to a few posts above on the SWTOR website. I would love to have a loop of the first 30 seconds or so... very patriotic sounding.
So here's the deal. I've been away for many months, and now I'm back for a time. My subscription ran out a few days before I wanted to update the music links, so now I'm resubscribed and am updating (and massively bumping) this topic. I found the selection you asked for, I put all the files back in place on the server in order to make all the music download links work again in this topic (I might change the links later)... and the selection you requested is:

And here is your music loop of the first ~30 seconds, as requested!

This one is a test with reverb at the very end of the loop. I used the Apple AUMatrixReverb in order to extend the last part of the segment over with a little reverb, then pasted the edited reverb over that part and adjusted its volume to 73%. You can hear how it sounds at the very end with the flutes. If you think it's too loud, I think so too, but it was a crescendo anyway. This sound is meant to be looped directly without pause. It's sort of an experimental version. I'll see about coming up with a version that doesn't use the reverb or uses a different reverb setting and is perhaps nicer. I also edited the beginning, and if you download the .wav file and open it in a sound editor, you should be able to see the markers I set up for the strings. I copy-pasted one of those in order to get the better articulation than was in the fade in at the start of the available sound file.

Here is the new location where you can find all the SWTOR music I've done:
These are the versions of the one you requested:

Would you be interested in a 60-second loop? The whole sound clip should work well as a loop.

I also did two 60-second versions, one with the ending and one without the ending.

Right now, I have been reorganizing the music files I have as of March 10, 2013 and I'm organizing them such so that I can treat them like Humpty Dumpty and put them all back together again. Some of them are obviously edited (poorly) already, and I won't use those few, but I will use as many as I can and put together as many as I can in a manner perhaps close to what was originally recorded. It is evident in the variety of ambient audio environments that there were maybe 4 recording session "environments". After that magnum opus is galvanized, maybe I can also throw together some more thematic suites.

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11.25.2013 , 11:56 AM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by SilentWave View Post
And here is your music loop of the first ~30 seconds, as requested!

Very nice, thank you very much!

I can just set media player to "repeat" and it works perfectly.

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11.25.2013 , 04:22 PM | #64
Thanks again for your interest.

As I mentioned, I am going through all the SWTOR music files and sorting them so I can basically put them all back together into a massive music track which will probably be around 3 hours in duration. Any pieces that don't fit in the puzzle will be arranged appropriately so that I can have an audio file that consists of all the music from SWTOR. I'm updating the music so that I use the current number of audio files in the game. If any were removed, I'll include those also.

I will call the resulting music "SWTOR Symphony".

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12.07.2013 , 09:53 PM | #65
This is challenging because of the fades and held notes at the end of most of the tracks.

The sound files of shortest durations are fragments that can easily be assembled. There is at least one instance of obvious segmenting that I assembled earlier towards the end of the SWTOR Suite. I think the original recordings typically will need to be slightly modified when there are held notes at the end of sounds, otherwise it will seem like short themes transitioned by held notes and accents like "orchestral hits". I'll still need to do some arranging, but I'm piecing together the segments first and seeing what larger puzzle pieces I have then for the SWTOR symphonic puzzle.

This will not include the cantina band music. Is the cantina band music sold as a compilation? If not, I'd like to include all of that -- maybe I can work up a Cantina Suite and some other concept suites I came up with while auditioning the audio files again.

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12.08.2013 , 10:16 AM | #66
OMG ^____^ I found this thread again
Your remix of original soundtrack is very very cool "three_feel_in_four_combo.mp3" is my favorite c:

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12.08.2013 , 10:26 AM | #67
Indeed. Very well done. Music to browse the forums.

The music in this game is under appreciated to a great extent. I'm glad to see this isn't lost on some people.

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12.08.2013 , 10:32 AM | #68
Too bad i still can't find a music from "Making of Rise of the Hutt Cartel Part 1: Creating Makeb"
It begins from 0:00 to 0:45
Bioware, please add this soundtrack

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12.08.2013 , 08:55 PM | #69
Very cool! Thanks for posting this.

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12.09.2013 , 07:53 PM | #70
Quote: Originally Posted by DurbanPoison View Post
Too bad i still can't find a music from "Making of Rise of the Hutt Cartel Part 1: Creating Makeb"
It begins from 0:00 to 0:45
Bioware, please add this soundtrack
I'll look that up for you.


I've obtained music from the games "Star Wars: Empire at War" and "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" (EAW and KOTOR) and I'm also getting music from "Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy" and "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast". I plan to at least reference these, which often use longer durations of the music than SWTOR does, so that I can come up with an idea of the extents to which the SWTOR music has been snipped from these and other Star Wars music recordings. SWTOR contains a lot of segments of full-length musical works, so I won't be able to put all the music back together into anything really convincing; however, I can still use the music from these other games to get an idea of what is not included in SWTOR's musical excerpts. I still intend to put pieces back together of the excerpts of shorter durations. I'll almost certainly be merely "compositing" another series of suites, though. The pleasant news is that these other games seem to have more descriptive file names for their music, so I can identify what was intended as a "sith theme" and a "republic theme", giving me more details about these kinds of things, like which music fits with which planet.

Actually, I just bought the 2013 Star Wars pack through Steam. I already own four of those games, but now they'll be organized through Steam also, and I can check out all the Star Wars music from all these games also: