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GFF Recruitment

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11.21.2013 , 02:17 PM | #1
(Galactic Force Federation)
GFF is a Republic Guild formerly from the Juyo server. Originating in Star Wars Galaxies & then moving to SWTOR when the game began on December 20th in 2011. We are currently looking to recruit new members of all levels but targeting level 35-45 members of all roles. We run 4-5 Operations (Ops) between 3-4days every week, Weekly Flashpoint (Fps) groups for Hardmode (HM), Storymode(SM) & daily runs on Oricon, Czerka, Makeb and Blackhole (BH). Our Guild has all crafters and specializes in level 50+ & up purple mods for all ingame roles. We also have Vent which is used daily for Ops, Fps and/or daily communication with each other. We are also currently starting up our PVP groups for regular combat & space combat as another phase of our growing thirst for player verse player fighting. We are a fun, laid back Guild that has continued to grow with all of the ingame changes and we continue to find new things to keep our members engaged.
For more information and/or membership please contact any of our recruitment team members via ingame: Jaquana, Naquan, Zuez, Roeven
Or one our Council Members ingame:
Daquan, Ru’Fuss, Seb, Angellus, If’sa, Viomeb

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11.22.2013 , 12:43 PM | #2
You should post this in your server's Guild Recruitment forum, especially since you don't even say what server you are on.
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