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What's your In Character's opinion of your companions?

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What's your In Character's opinion of your companions?

PaxSithari's Avatar

11.14.2013 , 11:10 PM | #21
This will be fun! Total DS Sith Warrior

Vette - worthless thief. Her weakness keeps her slave collar on. Thinks her humor is cute, and can get her out of duty. I make her clean the refresher with her lekku. (sorry, my SW really hates Vette)

Quinn - Uncompromised loyalty to the Empire, and now to me. Intelligent tactician and good with a kolto pack.
He makes amends for this indiscretion nightly. Sometimes in the morning too. More than once during his watch...

Jaesa - My pupil, my prized student, my sister in shed blood. Her zeal warms me and keeps me on my guard. Her loyalty is mine, yet I wonder when she will betray me and claim my mantle. When that day comes, should I fall, I will be proud of her ruthlessness and capacity for darkness. If she falls, I will mourn the loss of so excellent an apprentice, and seek a new one immediately. Until that day, I teach her most of my dark arts. But not all. I really should ask for Vette's shock collar controller back, but it brings Jaesa such joy...

Pierce - Effective, brutal, tactical and a good weapon. He is a fine warrior. A shame his prowess does not follow into other areas. That was a disappointment. I should offer him to Jaesa for amusement.

Broonmark - a beast, in all the best ways. He will continue to serve until he is no longer needed. He is grateful for the opportunities to slake his bloodlust.

Ship Droid - ah yes, him. He cleans my ship, cooks me dinner, and gives me foot massages. What is not to love?
We've forgotten what it is to be Jedi. So I'm going to do some real Jedi work now, and help someone in trouble rather than talk big concepts and run errands for politicians - Bardan Jusik

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11.15.2013 , 01:53 AM | #22
LS-ish human female smuggler:

Corso Riggs: Cripes, is this guy pathetic. At first I was into him being a bit of a project, given his reluctance to even kiss me because he thought I deserved better (man, let ME decide that, you moron), but after he finally gave in it was "I'll always protect you" this and "You'll never find anyone who loves you like I do" that. Creeeeeepy. I thought he finally took the hint when I informed him I would not be having his (or anyone else's) babies, but no, the dork filled my in-box with dopey, sappy nonsense. I need to cut this guy loose for good one of these days.

Bowdaar: There's ... really not a lot to the big guy, but that's okay. I'm glad he doesn't have to be a slave any more, and I'm glad he seems pretty content to watch my back.

Risha: Won't lie, if she were into chicks, I'd be all over that. She's the only one on the ship I really consider my equal, and we've become close friends. Her husband is sort of adorable, I don't think he has any idea what he's in for with her. It'll be fun to watch!

Akaavi Spar: Akaavi as no sense of humor whatsoever, and it kinda brings me down. She's super capable, though, so she's welcome on my ship as long as she feels like staying. I wish it didn't take killing people for her to get over her various bits of baggage but eh. What can you do?

Guss Tuno: This guy has apparently declared himself the president of my fan club, and I am totally cool with that. Because I deserve to have a fan club, dammit.

mustopak's Avatar

11.15.2013 , 03:15 AM | #23
Sounds fun. Here's mine Spoiler alert.

My LS-ish male human Sith Warrior.

Vette : Quite the pestering girl. Loves to annoy me when I'm busy with something, I don't know why I took her in. But if she's not there, the ship felt empty. I guess it's safe to call her "little sister" in my mind. She actually gets the job done, but can be quite a burden to save her stubborn hide if she screws up. Sometimes takes me to her parties in Nar Shaddaa, and I can see her brandishing me to make people feel intimidated. I get the feeling she also consider me as family since the passing of her mother.

Quinn : He is efficient, but I just can't take off that doubt ever since he betrayed me. I know I have Pierce keeping an eye on him, but still I won't let my guard down. Sometimes he's trying too hard to prove his loyalty to me. He still have his uses. I used to trust him and admire his skills in strategy. Maybe I should try putting a little bit of that faith back in him. Do I appear weak to trust someone who betrayed me, giving him a second chance?

Jaesa : This Jedi girl is very weird. Said she admired my merciful and honorable nature--I don't kill the weak and helpless. She may be timid and soft, but she has those... emotions. It's really not like a Jedi to have emotions. I don't know if she used her powers on me yet since last time, but I sense that she really can't take her eyes off me most of the time. When I looked back, she turned her head away. Then bolts out of the room. Perhaps, she have trust issues. Vette have been saying that she might have been keeping something inside, but just can't let it out. Maybe she wants to return to her family or go somewhere else. ( Me : You clueless jerk. She's in love with you! )

Pierce : This guy is also weird. My crew are made up of people with diverse personalities. Calls me "Pretty Sith Lord" and it's... it's really embarrassing. Hence why I wear a mask. His strength on the battlefield makes him a great asset. Sometimes he talks about things, trivial things while in combat. He does have a slight sense of humour compared to Quinn, but strangely does not get along so well with Vette.

Broonmark : This beast is so stubborn. Even the annoying steward droid needed less subduing when he gets in my nerves. Any mention of restraining ignites him, said it reminded him of the weak Talz clan that allied with the Republic. He hasn't harmed any of the crew yet--except for Tuuvee when he tried to smash the droid for being loud. I might drop him somewhere or to someone else as I really don't have time to be restraining and subduing him when he goes too far.

2V-R8 : It's funny when he fought with the girls over who cooks dinner for me. Annoys me when he asks too much about what I need. *Sigh* still, I keep him 'cause the girls aren't so good with ship maintenance and.... chores.

AlexDougherty's Avatar

11.15.2013 , 04:47 AM | #24
Coplann : Commando Trooper

Aric Jorgan: A bit Stuffy and Proud, but a good man, maybe not flexible for command, but a good second in Command. Needs to get a hobby though.

Elara Dorne: A good Officer and a great Medic, overlooked and bullied for past, which is counterproductive since she is completely loyal to the Republic. Still has feeling for her family, but she won't let these compromise her, excellent material for Havoc Squad.

M1-4X: A fanatic, loyal to the Republic, but excessively so, doesn't consider that the opposition might be as sure of their righteousness as he. Fails to consider a variety of factors due to his fanaticism.

Tanno Vik: A real lowlife this one, is only interested in himself, if he wasn't so talented with explosives I would dump his sorry behind on Belsavis, and not with the freed descendants of former inmates either.

Sargeant Yuun: A real enigma, I don't pretend to understand his thought processes, but damn are they effective. His loyalty and compassion make him the exact opposite of Tanno, if the Republic had a thousand Yuun's then we would crush the Empire no problem. Like Jorgan and Elara, Yuun is made of the Right Stuff.

Side note, I wish I could make everybody except Tanno officers, they are sublime military officers, and could easily command entire battalions, they others are superb officers and exemplary soldiers, Havoc squad is lucky to have them.
Peace can be found, above all passions. Through passion, I may gain strength.
Through strength, I may gain power. Through power, I may gain victory.
But for every enemy fallen, a new foe rises.
For every chain broken, new chains bind me. Only the Force can set me free.

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11.15.2013 , 06:06 AM | #25
Hmmm... it's funny that we played the same story and our characters had completely different views on Aric. How did your character get past the idea that while the greatest squad in the Republic was betraying the Republic right under Aric's nose he was completely oblivious to the fact and instead was wasting his time Hazing the rookie?

AlexDougherty's Avatar

11.15.2013 , 09:03 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by StarMagus View Post
Hmmm... it's funny that we played the same story and our characters had completely different views on Aric. How did your character get past the idea that while the greatest squad in the Republic was betraying the Republic right under Aric's nose he was completely oblivious to the fact and instead was wasting his time Hazing the rookie?
It was a slow transition, but the fact he never showed any bitterness towards my character for his demotion helped, oh he was bitter at being a scapegoat, but not towards me. There wasn't a specific point, it just slowly happened, but I can understand your view too, it probably has too do with the internal logic we use when roleplaying the character.
Peace can be found, above all passions. Through passion, I may gain strength.
Through strength, I may gain power. Through power, I may gain victory.
But for every enemy fallen, a new foe rises.
For every chain broken, new chains bind me. Only the Force can set me free.

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11.15.2013 , 09:33 AM | #27
Because we don't have enough Agent love in this thread yet, here is Cherny, ex-Imperial Intelligence operative.

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. It always comes down to that. It isn't fighting skill or power I've come to rely on. I've been betrayed. I've been doing the betraying. I look at my crew and I wonder how far I can trust them. What must they do to earn it?

- Already his loyalties were suspect due to his enforced Joining with the Killiks. In my mind it was obvious--he had been compromised by a foreign power and therefore had to be kept at arm's length. Behind that calm, diplomatic, easy-going professionalism the 'song of the universe' is corrupting his mind, right? But then he stayed faithful to the Empire throughout my mission on Alderaan. He even turned on his own hive on my say-so. His loyalty to the Killiks challenged his loyalty to the Empire and was found wanting. Thus, despite my earlier reservations, Vector has earned my trust.

- Like Vector prior to his Joining, Raina had all the hallmarks of a loyal officer. Like him, though, she had reasons to fear. Her [REDACTED] means she faces danger from our Imperial colleagues, yet she still serves willingly and openly. She is a superb protege and a quick learner. Some day, hopefully decades from now, when I'm too old for this job, I hope she takes up the Cipher Nine mantle. Her loyalty to me and the Empire was put to the test by her own family when [REDACTED]. Raina Temple has earned my trust.

- If Raina is my protege, then Eckard is something of a mentor. He has decades more experience than I do, and he tackles his job with efficiency and enthusiasm. He is clever enough to always think long term. His advice is vital, his position as ship's doctor secure, and his ability to [REDACTED] useful. While before I may have mistrusted him and thought he had his own agenda, it's become clear that he genuinely cares and supports the Empire. If he was going to turn on me, he'd have done it by now. He's had plenty of opportunities. Eckard Lokin has earned my trust.

- The killer machine with mysterious origins. If the Force really does guide our fates, then it has an odd sense of humour by constantly throwing people at me who I have every reason to mistrust. SCORPIO has made her hostility towards me clear, though she has softened. She is clever, but not sneaky. She doesn't have the capacity for this sort of long term deception. She learns quickly, though. It is her reason for being, in fact. But she has learned to improve herself by being a team player and not in being pointlessly destructive. SCORPIO is no fool and neither am I. SCORPIO has not earned my trust, but given what the rest of my crew has managed I won't be surprised if she pulls it off.

- I have saved Kaliyo for last only because I wasn't sure what to say. I tolerated her only because of orders. She was everything I was not. The anarchist to my professionalism. The mindless violence to my careful planning. She was in it for the fun, and I was in it for the work. Originally I was going to ditch her on Nar Shaddaa, but then the betrayals of those I trusted came in. I didn't trust my colleagues in the Empire, I didn't trust her. Both the Sith and Kaliyo have turned on me, but between her and the Sith, only she fought back to prove her loyalty. My entire journey has been learning that freedom and chaos have a place in the universe. Meeting Kaliyo was the first step in this journey and marrying her was the last. I never thought in a thousand parsecs that I would say this, but Kaliyo Djannis has earned my trust.

I used to hold loyalty to the Empire and no other. With the exception of Raina and perhaps Eckard, the old me would have either disposed of or abandoned each of these as major security risks. I had every reason to. Yet after having everything I believed in destroyed, I find myself more capable of trusting my crew instead of the Empire.

No, I can't explain it.

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11.15.2013 , 02:21 PM | #28

Darkside sith warrior.


I enjoyed putting the inferior alien in her place. I tourtered her several times before removing the shockcoller which i did only to sleep with her sister! However the freddom sems to have gone to her haid, I will dispose of her in the near future!

Malavai Quinn:

I have recently started studieng medieval torture devices and techniques. I couldent just kill him on the spot after his betreyl no no no, he must suffer like no one has suffered!! I will get very very creative with Quinn!!

Jaesa Willsaam:

I killed her old and current master. I killed her parents and she is still fanatically loyal and in-love with me! THIS CANNOT STAND! IF she dosent start acting the way i want her to, I may have to kill her!

Lieutenant Pierce:

A good and loyal solder...... Two traits that i appsolutly despice!!!!! (
Note to self kill pierce!)


My favorite companion! I take him with me wherever i go so that he can gain some extra weight and musceles for the day when i relise him into to wild and hunt him down, kill him and eat him!

This is Darth Cockbage signing out!

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11.15.2013 , 11:02 PM | #29
This is the perspective of the companions from Clydetropes chiss male agent

Kaliyo: Kaliyo is my most useful companion becaquse she is a tank. I do get annoyed whenever I send her on a mission to Nar Shaddaa and she raids an imperial structure right after she's done (there was even this one time when she blew up a droid factory. ooohhhhhh im soo gonna punish her for doing stuff like that). Kaliyo never got caught as she was able to frame these incidents on the republic. On the other hand i do like her approval on execution of republic captives which bothers ensing temple much to my dismay. Remind me to send kaliyo on those booring voss missions (e.g. deliver tea to the voss healers in the healing shrine so they can heal all the wounded pilgrims there, guard a shuttle transporting voss to a camp near the shrine cuz of gormak, etc)

Vector: very trustworthy companion. The kilik nest vector planted is progressing smoothly. Soon House Organa will be overrun with kiliks. He also is a good melee comp when kaliyo is on a mission. I do get annoyed when vector reffers to the nest as "dawn herald" and uses "we" instead of "I". Overall, he is a good companion.

Dr. Lokin: Also very trustworthy. Last time I checked, he said that in about 2 weeks from now, he will finish the rakgoul virus which I am excited for. He's hoping to make imperial soldiers stronger and eliminate genetic weaknesses though I am more interested in using it as a bioweapon on republic worlds though i doubt he would approve.

Ensign Raina Temple: She's my wife. Also very hot. She has this mild force ability that would normally end her up on korriban. Wouldn't give her up to the sith even if they brought an entire legion of troops. I do get annoyed on how she looses affection when I execute jedi. Other than that I do like her. She is willing to stay by my side no matter what as revealed when she tole me that she declined the offer to join the imp group on quesh.

SCORPIO: My least favourite companion. It's hard to tell whether she's planning to kill me or just trying to program herself in my ship. She is a useful tank though i wish there was endgame gear for droids. She's kinda dangerous and I try not to think about her. I could probably say the same about the other companions' opinions on her. Overall, i dont like her

HK-51: the perfect companion, an assassin droid that calls jedi "meatbags", a bodyguard protecting me from scorpio whenever she tries to kill me. What more could an agent ask for? I do send him on missions to kill jedi and i am quite pleased with his reports. hes the opposite of scorpio personalitywise. But just like scorpio, he is a useful comp

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11.15.2013 , 11:41 PM | #30
Considering I like to think of my character as not necessarily the same person as the Bosen'thor... These are the opinions of my Jedi Shadow.

Qyzen Fes: Tuldabar admires him immensely, though he tends to be a "survival of the fittest." Very much wishes him to be able to make his own decisions instead of considering himself "in Tuldabar's debt." Is fascinated by Qyzen's Scorekeeper belief system and wants to learn more so he doesn't antagonize a potential snubbed reptile. Wants to mellow his more severe viewpoints without robbing him of his cultural identity.

Theran Cedrax: Tolerates, I think is the best word to describe their relationship. Not exactly a necessary evil, but he finds his constant chauvinism aggravating. Tuldabar particularly enjoys engaging in battles of wit and insult with the man, and tries to take each success and loss in stride. Sometimes it takes all of his self-control not to toss him AND his hologram out the airlock.

Zenith: The two are constantly trying to outdo each other in battle, and like to gripe at each other about their respective styles: Zenith being cold and efficient while Tuldabar enjoys having fun on the battlefield. It's very much a Gimli and Legolas relationship, while they don't always agree you can always find them at the cantina afterwards laughing their tails off at their antics.

Lt. Iresso: And in that cantina they are usually joined by the Lieutenant, who keeps up quite admirably. Tuldabar and he tend to be kindred spirits, and took him under his wing per se to show him the war from all angles. In battle, Zenith is setting traps, Felix is protecting the civilians, and Tuldabar is holding the enemies at bay. Iresso is in a little bet between himself, Theran, and Zenith as to whether he can sneak up on Tuldabar. He hasn't managed it yet.

Nadia Grell: Tuldabar never wanted an apprentice as he's much more comfortable with field work, but he does recognize that Nadia is a unique case that most masters of the Order would not be able to properly connect with. The teacher-padawan relationship is soon dispensed with as it makes Tuldabar fell uncomfortable and soon he and Nadia grow close enough to consider sharing the same bunk. Not before Tuldabar is certain he's not abusing her trust in him, however. She's usually the one who reins Tuldabar in if he starts getting peeved with the pettiness of the people around him. She's required to accompany him whenever he enters the senate tower on Coruscant or the Council chambers on Tython to prevent structural damage.

HK-51: The droid his father and grandfather used in the Empire's service just. Won't. Shut. UP. The only consolation is the minor upgrade from the HK-50 mass-slaughter mindset to minimize casualties while ensuring greatest impact. The only reason Tuldabar allowed him on board in the first place was to keep an eye on him and make sure he wasn't causing trouble for anyone else. His veritable archive of warfare is both useful and nauseating at the same time, and Tuldabar will occasionally yell himself blue in the face at the overgrown toaster to burn off stress.

Treek: When insane plans are needed or suicidal odds are assured who does Tuldabar call upon but that adorable fluff-ball of crazy. Treek is incredibly useful in Interrogation scenarios, usually as the bad cop. Like Qyzen, Tuldabar is fascinated with her culture. Unlike Qyzen, she tends to be a little overzealous at what she's asked to do. Qyzen will to things exactly as he is told to due them, while Treek will come up with the most creative and dramatic solution she can. Needless to say, the Giant and the Midget respect each other immensely and can often be found trading trophies, war stories, and battlesongs in the lounge.

C2-N2: Painted a target on his chassis first chance he got. Uses him as a training dummy. That is all.
Honestly, when it comes down to it, I don't think I'm a very "good" Jedi. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I trust my heart more than my head, and that's not a bad thing.
My name is Shadow. And I am a Jedi.