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Darth Nihilus

DarkManDark's Avatar

11.14.2013 , 11:30 AM | #1
Darth Nihilus has been one of my favorite Sith Lords ever and is the character who my Sith Inquisitor was inspired by when this game came out. I love that you guys brought his mask as very valuable hard to find/expensive item & I freaked out a bit when I finally got it. However, Would you guys consider creating more flowing type robe armor for Sith Inquisitors? I mean, if you just want to create some Darth Nihilus robes to go along with his mask that would work for me but honestly I would love to see more flowing robes and less armor and spikes for the Inquisitor class, please. I suppose that the armor that is available now is the style and technology of the era which is cool and unique for sure, I would just like to see some more traditionally inspired Robe armor as well.

You guys have made a fantastic game and are in my opinion the best game developers on the planet. Keep it up guys!