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Mid lvl. gaining social points on flashpoints how?

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Mid lvl. gaining social points on flashpoints how?

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12.23.2011 , 03:11 PM | #1
Im mid level around 37 at the moment.
And i skipped most of the flashpoints because there simply was no teams for them.

So the last couple of days i thought i wanted to earn social points.
but nooo i was wrong i completed 2 FP's my lvl range and the reward

9 Social points and 12 on the other ***
i got around 96 for BT.

So if the FP my lvl range is that terrible why would i want to do them at all.
since when soloing BT repeatable i get about the same.

Its only XP i "really" gain from those, but i can get that on the planets or PVP.

Do later Flashpoints add more Social points or should i just give up on them and just grind BT for those 9-12 i get pr run until satisfied..