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Aussie/Ociana players

grimjawb's Avatar

09.19.2013 , 02:51 AM | #1
I left when they closed down the ociana servers, now im back cause a friend pesterd me to come back. So out of curiosity i ask how many Ociana players are still around, and whats your experience been since the close of our beloved servers? Is the game still playable for you? Whats your average ping and location? Do you want your Ociana servers back?

Well the last one will probably be a resounding yes. Lets just say that i've been back a couple days and i am seriously not impressed. I've been DC'd more times then i can count and when im not i live on 2 bars with a ping of around 200-300. Heaven forbid i try to play flashpoint where i just kinda ping in the thousands then DC. Now my internet is considerd average the good in australia and with ociana servers i never got above 30 ping. Just looking for comparisons, wanting to know if this will be the normal state of affairs or if i should just quit again before i get into the game too much again.

I love the game, so much that i hoped the ping wouldnt be too bad, but if this is the average that i can look forward to then i think i'll be leaving again.

TACeMossie's Avatar

09.19.2013 , 03:44 AM | #2
As an Australian with some of the worst internet in the country (~120kb/sec max):

Still pretty stable, though I feel I shouldn't have gone to the harbinger. The Lag spikes I am used to from other people in my house using youtube are sometimes coming from the server end (apparently), but since I am used to it its not so bad.

Yes, but while most people flip when the average ping is 150, I played with an average ping of 600 at one point (My net used to be worse)

Currently, I average between 150-200 ping, though right now everyone in my house decided to get IOS7.0 so my ping is at 1000-2000. I live in Brisbane (Capital City of Queensland).
I can still play though, so long as its sentinel, due to sentinel not being about skillshots anywhere near as much...

I honestly don't mind if they dont, but for the love of God can you PLEASE use the Dalborra server setup instead of the Harbinger? It was much more stable!

Solloby's Avatar

09.19.2013 , 04:17 AM | #3
^ There's something wrong with the Harbinger server, they always seem to have problems with it. OP if you are also on the Harbinger, your problem is that specific server, not the fact that it's in the US. The other servers are far more stable.

I play on The Shadowlands. I signed up to it originally because that's where my US bf plays, I've not had the chance to sign up to an Oceanic server for an MMO yet. I played on a US server in WoW as well, with 400-800ms latency in 25 man raids, sometimes even higher on a bad day. That said, I ran with a latency castbar addon so I could queue my spells properly to compensate (Quartz).

Overall experience - The servers are quiet during APAC times. I have to log on early in the afternoon if I want to play with other people, later at night it's very hard to get queue pops on my server, for either PVE or PVP. Even as a levelling tank I've done a callout for a flashpoint because the queue won't pop and not found anyone interested.

Is the game still playable - Yes, of course it is. Many games only have servers physically located in the US/overseas, so I am used to playing with latency in the hundreds.

Average Ping & Location - East Australia, my ping is about 250 - 350ms. I don't have any noticeable lag unless my internet is hiccuppy. I did have some disconnect problems a few nights ago though, but that was between me and SWTOR - the servers were dropping my packets. It was fixed next time I played.

Do you want Oceania servers back - I was never on them, so can't really comment. I wish more APAC players were on my server though. It's too quiet at night if I want to Warzone.
The Shadowlands

grimjawb's Avatar

09.19.2013 , 10:32 PM | #4
Thank you for your replies guys, i think your right about the Harbinger server being crap, i've had similar reports of bad lag from even American players. Are they still offering character transfers? obviously dont expect them to be free but is there a way to transfer?

darkeloookle's Avatar

09.23.2013 , 10:38 AM | #5
I'm on the Gold Coast. I usually get a red bar to two bars with some lag effects on the servers I am on. Though the game is still very much playable, I just wish I could find out how to decrease the lag.

I'm on Progenitor, Shadowlands, Jedi Convenant and Ebon Hawk if you wanna team up for leveling.

Maqeurious's Avatar

09.25.2013 , 04:33 AM | #6
I'm not too hip on the right terms (ping and such), but here in kalgoorlie I'm usually sitting on 2 bars constantly. There are times when I enter the red dot phase and then the dreaded red X, but not so much lately.

I also started a toon on the Jedi Covenant server and had the same problems.

I miss the APAC servers, but I doubt they're coming back so i guess we just have to get used to it

MsMalice's Avatar

09.26.2013 , 12:57 AM | #7
I moved from Dalborra to the Bastion and so far it's been good. I live in Melbourne and get around 180-200ms using WTFast with spikes to 240 and above. The increased latency is slightly noticeable, especially in Warzones, but it doesn't make the game unplayable. It does give you a disadvantage against players/guilds from America but it's unlikely to cause you to lose a game (except huttball -.-). Imo it's worth it for the larger population.