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Jedi Sect Vongese

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09.23.2013 , 09:02 AM | #1
Hello all,

We are a small guild getting going. Exciting things are our guild bank and member support. We shall have 3 vaults in the guild bank soon. One a smuggler/trooper vault and another a Jedi vault, the last will be General materials.

We shall be having a competition starting 9/24/13 to 10/1/13, where guild members ALL lvls and skills can win a Taun Taun Mount. Our next event in about a month shall be a race to different SWTOR locales and the winner gets an awesome speeder.

The Taun Taun Competition. Look below and answer the 3 questions as best you can. Then Choose a number between 1-50 (this is the tie-breaker). You have to e-mail the answers and random number to your Guild Master, by 9/30/13 midnight.

Look here to see questions posted on Tuesday 9/24/13

May the Force be with You... even if your Vong.


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09.23.2013 , 10:36 AM | #2
As a quick by-note.

I truly want to thank Moonner and Connor for all their hard-work. I can't believe their support and help with the guild. I have truly enjoyed playing and getting to know them.

You can move up-rank in the guild by helping others and just being awesome. As you move up in rank you have more use of the guild bank, recruiting, and abilities within helping and running the guild.

I hope you enjoy the competition coming up!!!

May the Force b with You!!!


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09.24.2013 , 10:44 PM | #3
So Here is the competition running until 9/30/13 midnight.... all answers excepted.
Answer these three to best of ability; in game email to guildmaster... and include one number from 1-50 as tie-breaker.

TO WIN A TAUN TAUN Mount... open to all guild mems ---> FTP, Subs, and Officers

1. What alien species affected the "known" star wars galaxies moreso than any other, from the SWTOR timeline to Legacy era (40+ years after A New Hope)?

2. This alien species has a more significant singular difference than any other alien species or creature. What is it?

3. Who were the first "people" to beat an attack from this species?

4. Choose any number 1-50 as a tie-breaker...

Good luck Guildies,
Rykrl, Mav'erk, Rykra, and Jerta

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10.01.2013 , 02:23 PM | #4
Hello Guildies....

I wish more than 3 people attempted these questions to win a Taun Taun out of 34 guild members. It took 4-5 hrs total to run this competition for the guild, great lengths were taken that Subs, FTP, and any level could win and reply.

1. The Yuuzhan Vong. They completely killed two planets and destroyed 5 other planets with terra forming. This included Coursant. The Sith as a race did not affect the "known" galaxy so much. The Sith as a religon could be agrued though.

2. Their absence in the force is a close second answer. Yet the question said, "singular difference than any other species OR CREATURE". Yslamarri a creature introduced in the Thrawn series, create a "lack of force" bubble. The real answer would be the Yuuzhan Vong using biotech for all forms of technology. Geneticly growing organisms for gravity wells, guns, ships, and so on.

3. In the Outbound Flight book by Zhan. The Chiss beat the Vong first.

I chose this subject for the questions in reference to our Guild name. Vong actually means "which implied that one was disowned by their family and their gods". There are no Jedi in their species. For Zenoma Sekot their sentient world, cut them off from the force for their war-mongoring. These "Vong" are my favorite species. A violent, tech-hating group of zealots.

Oh yeah, Xlly won the competition... please email Rykrl for your prize.

Post about the guild, concerns, wants, and needs...



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04.06.2014 , 10:28 AM | #5


You read here and do not reply here... unless you want to list wants and needs for either Jedi Sect or Sith Sect Vongese Guilds...

This is open to both Imp and Reb Vongese guilds, to all Subs, Pref, or FTP. Also officers, for only the GuildMaster Rykrl came up with these....

Send a game email with answers to these three questions, in two weeks the winner shall be announced. Also include at end a number 1-100 as a tie breaker....

1. For how many years did Yoda say he trained Jedi?

2. From whom did Obi Wan learn; to stay within the force as a teacher after death?

3. Where only can a Star Wars fan relive and hear of Luke Skywalker building his lightsaber at Obi Wan's hut before Return of the Jedi?

4. Random number 1-100

Thank you.... hope this isn't too hard, use all resources... Send answers to Rykrl (Repub) or Kin'dreada (imp) in game e-mail.... if that won't work message me or Moon toons... and another way WILL be found...

Answer by April 13th,,, Award of Taun Taun given on April 16th. Enjoy.........

Rykrl, Rykra, Jerta, Mav'erk, and Kin'dreada GuildMaster and Alt toons of Scator