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New Expansion Ideas Please!

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09.15.2013 , 09:00 AM | #1
1. I have not yet finished the Hutt Cartel and depending upon the class for example I will list the sith sorcerer....

a. As a dark counsel member, I think there should be a continued storyline with the war against the republic, specifically, I would like to see a few folds of quests...
i. There is a continued personal storyline with your character being a hero doing a solo quest-line
ii. There is a new quest-line introduced as a dark counsel member to be aboard a huge battle cruiser wherein you give commands to fight against the republic fleet (NOT a space battle per say) because you would of course have to defend against invaders etc you would hop between ships and the goal would be to defeat the main forces of the republic which essentially is a major disaster against the republic, causing the empire to rule with an iron fist (this should actually end up causing this expansion, as well as the next expansion to be completely under empire rule.) An expansion (3 from now) after this would then result in the republic gathering their forces and rebelling in key certain planets which would result in a new front for the republic and the republic fighting back.

2. I would like to see another planet or two.

3. I would like to see new mobs. By new I mean completely newly created, not just reused and recolored or slightly different. Completely new.

4. I would like to see a new dark temple arise and I would like to see a new power that the sith can have. Similarly, on the rebel side, the same thing, a newly discovered jedi temple that goes back thousands of years and newly discovered powers for the jedi come about.

5. I would like to see from this point, new class stories that completely split. Meaning, By way of example, the juggernaut and the marauder stories are now completely separate. The same thing for each class and sub class etc. so now everyone has their own complete and unique story line so that should one decide to play ALL the classes they will not be completely bored out of their mind expecting the same storyline to happen.

6. Yes, I would like to see new vehicles that can be purchased either on the auction house or via cartel that include speeders (i.e. the large vehicle kind not just the cycle kind) and maybe something new like some kind of tank where you can participate in zone wars or even just questing and having the ability to blow stuff up.

7. I would like to see a new class for both sides, like the Night sisters and dantooine or force witches. In fact this could open up more than one planet in an expansion as this can be a starting home world on one side of the planet and on the other side level 60 stuff etc. OR a complete new faction you have empire, you have alliance, maybe have a complete hut faction or some kind of syndicate faction.

8. How about some new races? i.e. Wookie, etc.

9. Lets talk about space.....

In star wars galaxies, space was completely open. You could fly around anywhere, fight the opposing faction randomly, gain space experience etc. It would be very nice to see space finally become Nonlinear and completely open. Even so much as after you fly around and decide to finally fly to a planet, you go to your usual hyperspace map and it would show where you are in the galaxy and where you can jump to. Even if this is something that requires either its own expansion or major patch etc, something like this would bring back the fun in space battles. In fact you can also, like star wars galaxies, have space experience, you level up and as you level up your ship gets more powerful, allows you to purchase better mods for your ship, possibly even buy major modifications (i.e. you can purchase separate power sources for shields and lasers so that you dont have to worry about your lasers using up power to the shields etc; faster sub-light engines etc.

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09.16.2013 , 10:53 AM | #2
I like your xpac ideas here are few problems I see arising with one or two things you stated. Following that I will add-on to your existing ideas with some of my own.

Problems with Your Ideas:
1) Advanced Class Seperate Story Lines: It took them 10 years to come up with what they did in vanilla SWTOR. Have seperate mara/jugg story plots and doing so for every class would seem a bit of a stretch. Plus for folk who are like me I made an Impreial Agent Operative, turned around made a Smuggler Gunslinger. That way I got access to both advanced classes but also saw a different story line. I do not know if I would want to make an Operative and Sniper, then a gunslinger/ ? forgot as well.
2) Expanding Space Combat and Travel: As of right now your ship in-game is just a fancy elevator or for WoW comparisons a faction city with portals to every zone. Not only would they have to change the mechanics of space combat but to pull off what you want they would need to create everything from scratch, include voice overs etc. We might get the same kind of product we did with SWTOR vanilla (pre Rise of the Hutt Cartel) full of bugs and lacking in areas most MMOers are comfortable with.

Everything else you mentioned sounds great New NPCs, New playable races, I personally would love a small race like Ewok or Jawa as a main character.

My Ideas:
1) Expand Space Travel as stated in your post I would like to just be able to fly around and dock on the Space Station or others ships. Perhaps that Guild Captial ship from over a year ago that was hinted around.
2) Open World: Would love more Hoth, Tatooine and Makeb feel planets but with shared quest areas between factions creating some world pvp anywhere.
3) Personalized stats/color crystals: Similar to datacrons I would like to have a rare mineral or something of that sort quest line involving an extensive amount of time to get a color crystal with stats. Like an ultimate crystal involving ops etc. Think legendary weapons in WoW obtainable with group effort based each class role. (healers,tanks, dps).
4) Animal mounts: like the Hoth Yak, Rancor, Lizard it would be cool to have a quest involving a device or something allowing me to own and ride a Rancor even if it was planet dependent.
5) Better class missions: I want a serious twist or turn in the stories and not predictability, or at least make it cool with plenty of undertone, think Equillibrium, or Nolans Batman's trilogy.

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09.20.2013 , 11:47 PM | #3
Personally I think the coolest 2 expansion ideas would be, as you said, free roam space PVE/PVP and

"Die, or defeat me. Either way, the Empire is reborn."

-Darth Malgus
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09.29.2013 , 07:54 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by MoskitoMando View Post
Personally I think the coolest 2 expansion ideas would be, as you said, free roam space PVE/PVP and

how fitting of an idea for someone with malgus as their avatar

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09.29.2013 , 08:11 PM | #5
There are only a few things I really want:
1. A continuation of the class story. I don't want just a single story, like with ROTHT. Even if it's just one more chapter (or technically eight new chapters, since of course I want one for each class) I want to have the personal experience of each class again.
2. Along with the new chapter, some new class-specific companions. I like both HK-51 and the Ewok bounty hunter, but I still like the personal feel of a class-specific companion. I also want each class to get a "Jaesa" (as in, a companion whose alignment when recruited depends on your choices beforehand. I don't think Jaesa should be the only companion like this.)
3. Togruta as a playable species.
4. Interactions between legacy characters. Like, my Jedi Consular meeting my Smuggler. Or my Jedi Knight fighting my SIth Inquisitor.