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Item Icons, where to get?

Nocturnix's Avatar

07.29.2013 , 04:30 AM | #1
Hi, I am a fansite webmaster and am about to release my latest project. However, I have several hundred items I need icons for. My question to the official SWTOR community managers, or whomever is responsible for helping fansites, is: Is there a place or an easy way I can get the game icons? Torhead uses them, see my screenshot to know exactly what i'm talking about...

Is there a package of these available? I only need the speeder icons for now. Or is there a way I can extract the assets from game files (probably very difficult). What do you suggest?

One thing I really like about swtor is they really appreciate fan sites and usually provide great support to fan site webmasters, I hope you keep up the good work. Thanks!