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Armor and mods???

DarkeenM's Avatar

07.19.2013 , 10:36 AM | #1
Before I waste money I have to ask, if I buy armor from the Cartel Market such as the Malevolent Interrogator Armor Set by adding armor mods to it, it will scale up levels with me? That way I'll be able to use it at any level and not have to throw it away for higher level gear or at least until I get to lvl 55 anyway? Finally, if I do buy it for one character can others use the same through the Collections menu or some other way?

Just want to be absolutely certain about it before I start spending actual cash on things.

hadoken's Avatar

07.19.2013 , 11:40 AM | #2
Yes and yes. CM armor become part of your collections so you can unlock them on alts (though you might have to pay more for that, not too familiar with that aspect of it) and as long as you use armoring/mods/enhancements/augments for your level you can take them all the way to 55 and be as effective as anything else.

MSchuyler's Avatar

07.19.2013 , 12:42 PM | #3
I believe the armor set has to be bound to you before you can use it via collections. That's to prevent you speculating and selling multiple copies on the GTN.

"I'mnotreallyanoob" (his sig or close to it) has a plan of upgrading armor for character and companion that is every 4 levels or so, alternating companion and character every two levels. Maybe he'll point us to his more comprehensive post about it.

One way or another, though, it's going to cost you. The "easiest" way is through planetary commendations, but if you are fully geared up with mods on everything that can be modded, including weapons, it's going to cost you close to 77 to 100 commendations per level. I get different answers every time I add it up, but it depends on whether you have a moddable off-hand weapon, a helmet, etc. so YMMV a bit, but even at the lowest level that's a lot of commendations.

That means you will have to do nearly every single planetary quest out there as most of them grant you only a single commendation per quest. Heroics and FPs can grant you more, usually three, so if you frequent those it can be a bit easier, but it's difficult for a solo player to pay for all mods with just comms. Also, all relevant mods are not always available from the commendation vendor.

And that leaves you at the mercy of the GTN. You can find most mods you need there. Many of them are reasonably priced, but some are quite expensive. In my "Test Toon" where I am giving him everything he needs immediately no expenses spared, he's at 45 now and 1 million credits in the hole--mostly because of GTN mod purchases, plus any training offered immediately. I don't believe he will need another set of mods until 50, but we'll see.

One caveat: a mod 4 levels up may NOT BE better than your current mod, depending on what trait you need, such as Aim or Cunning. You need to check this carefully prior to purchase. Also, a purple mod with a level of 40 may be better than a normal mod at level 45. I have a couple of those currently I'm just leaving in place because they are stronger than the higher level mods.

With that Test Toon I also tried to figure out at what point taking a planetary comm was more efficient than taking a piece of dropped green armor as a reward. Basically you get the armor you need in drops as you level up (and there are no mods below 9 anyway). That "tilt point" for me was in the mid thirties. I was doing just fine until then when I could tell I needed better HP or I was frequently in trouble. Prior to level 31 or so it really wasn't an issue for me.

When I made the switch to adaptive moddable armor the HP increase was about 25%, from circa 6K HP to circa 8K HP. Given that it took 30 some odd levels to get to 6K, this was a significant increase. At level 45 he's now at circa 12K HP. With this approach I can do Heroic-2s by myself and quests a couple of levels up just fine. Of course there are a lot of factors at play here, including skill level or lack thereof, and even choice and demeanor of companion. (Mako, not Skadge. Thank you.) This approach seems to be working. This Test Toon is certainly the easiest one I've leveled, but it's also the latest, and that's difficult to factor out.

Then there's crafting, but that's a whole 'nother conversation....

hadoken's Avatar

07.19.2013 , 02:10 PM | #4
Well technically you could pick up cybertech and craft the armoring and mods yourself, just using the commendations on the enhancements. That would require significantly less commendations, though more time spent harvesting and reverse engineering (if you HAD to go blue instead of green). I wouldn't recommend trying to upgrade every 1-2 levels anyway, you're fine going 4 or even 8 levels between.

Nazdika's Avatar

07.20.2013 , 12:51 PM | #5
You can check which items go into the collections by opening the collection tab in your inventory, and finding the item there. Mind, that prices to add items differ a LOT.

About armor, a caveat. Be careful to enter the box into the collection before opening. Just mentioning since someone on my server did the wrong way around, and was rather devastated.

About mods: I have several chars with adaptive armor. All earn enough comms to get their respective mods without GTN. I use rule of thumb as a lower line (may change more often if I have the comms): change every 8, after lvl 40, every 4. It works for me (though the test of above poster is a very interesting read). I do swap out the mod-able for a pickup, when I am currently low on comms or just too lazy to go shopping, the ones at least that do not disturb overall good look (belt, wrist, headslot where I hide it). Swapping it in later with mods updated. Also, remember that with lvl 20 you can buy stuff with PvP comms.

Keeping my companions in mod-ables is another matter altogether though (*headache* )