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APAC Transfers & Guild Bank

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06.11.2013 , 05:11 AM | #31
Can we please get an Official Response on this issue CS?
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06.11.2013 , 05:53 AM | #32
I could say , you know what they say about those that rush in , but I wont

I'll enjoy my low ping as long as I can, and those saying they talk for the majority of players is how the servers got shut down.

I asked and got an answer
Quote: Originally Posted by Beesodd View Post
Just a quick bump for Owen. Yes, if you wait for the consolidation, the guild (bank and all) will be transferred. If you transfer before the 60-ish days are up, your character will bring across what they can carry.

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06.11.2013 , 09:23 PM | #33
After about 4 tickets I was told by CS that if I continued submitting tickets my account would have action taken against it as it was considered an abuse of customer support. So finally gave up and purchased a new guild bank and tabs. Honestly if it was not for my guildies and friends I would have closed my account and moved on to another MMO.

All we wanted was the same treatment as other guilds that have had their tabs restored and Bioware to honour the FAQ they had in place at the time of the transfers.

As for waiting till we got merged I am the Co-GM of a progression guild, in fact Gav Daragons last surviving republic progression guild that was barely hanging on by the skin of its teeth before the transfers were opened, if we had stayed it would have meant an end to ops for us as we lost members to voluntary transfers. We made the decision to get the move out of the way as fast as possible for the good of the guild. Now we are thriving on Harbinger, but still very, very disappointed in Bioware.

CS, you make me both angry and sad at the same time, a guild full of loyal customers and we got totally screwed over.
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06.11.2013 , 09:29 PM | #34
I'll keep submitting tickets to ask they honor their agreement, and if they ban me for that, then its an easy unsub.

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06.12.2013 , 11:44 PM | #35
Disappointing to see BW spit on us APAC players.

You close our servers, transfer us off, then expect us to wear the cost...

Bravo BW, Bravo...
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06.14.2013 , 07:21 PM | #36
Hi this is what I wrote to CS mostly from the template

Hello Custmoer Service

I am a member of "Wrecked". We have just transferred over from "Dalborra". As a group we would like our Guild Bank and its tabs back as it was before the transfer was forced upon us. As a guild we are active players and have both a Republic and Empire side. At this stage we are disappointed with the lack of support we have been given in making the transition and would like either the funds given to our guild leader to create the bank again or have it restored in full. The items in the guild bank are currently with some of our members and as such they are also under some pressure in managing the cargo hold of the characters.

Old Guild Name: Wrecked (Dalborra)
New Guild Name: Wrecked (The Harbinger)
GM of Wrecked before transfer (Dalborra Server): Jebe
GM of Wrecked (The Harbinger Server): Jeble
Current GM for Wrecked (Dalborra): Wreckedguild

Please help our guild and not point us to this page as it is irrelevant to us

This is the response I got back from the nice CS person Alan

06/15/2013 - SWTOR CSR: Hello Jeble

'I am Alan from SWTOR CS and I would to thank you for contacting us requesting a Guild Bank restore after your transfer.

Firstly, I would like to apologize for frustration caused by not having any access to your guild bank after transferring. I can understand the costs involved in setting up a guild bank and I can understand how is can affect your game play if you have moved all of your guild bank items with you.

It is with great regret that I must advise you I am unable to restore your guild bank. I see that you have seen the help centre information regarding server transfers and that guild banks will automatically be transfered to the assigned server.

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the disappointment caused by my response on the issue as I can completely understand how frustrating and delicate this issue may be.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if there is anything further we can help you with



Well it looks like the CS department is now putting out a Standard statement, although I do like this statement and have said so in my feedback the way the transfer has been handle has been poor.

On the plus side I didnt move all of my toons across and if I wait for the server move our guild bank and its tabs should be ok. If it isn't then I will be submitting a ticket to make sure it is done or my money back to set it again.


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06.14.2013 , 11:19 PM | #37
Come on CS how about an answer, when was the FAQs on Character Transfers updated?

It was after transfers opened, correct?
So its time to admit the mistake & start restoring guild banks.
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07.09.2013 , 03:58 AM | #38
I know this is an old thread but it still has not had the appropriate answer.

I would also like to know why some guilds have managed to have guild vaults restored all ready and yet others have not?

The only people that can effectively answer this is BW themselves as anyone else will only be guessing even if their guess works out to be correct it is still not an official answer.
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07.09.2013 , 07:38 PM | #39
And the saga of BW ignoring the apac customers continue... disappointing very disappointing, but then should I really be surprised.
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09.03.2013 , 08:58 AM | #40
Hey there,

I am a co-Guild Master of <Legit> on The Harbinger,

<Legit> transferred over to The Harbinger via the free transfers then proceeded to ticket for a guild bank refund. We had 4 tabs which is equivalent to about 8 million credits worth of materials. Our response was to wait for consolidation and ticket again.

After consolidation and submitting yet another ticket, we were unceremoniously pointed at the policies implemented after we transferred. You have provided this service time and time again to other APAC guilds. As I linked below a rival MMO is providing a paid for service for guilds choosing to leave their service, your own customer service isnít even allowing guilds to pay for their guild to be transferred when servers are consolidated and players are forced to leave a their origin server,

I submitted over 6 tickets explaining that the information we had when we transferred was that Bioware/EA would give us a refund. Customer Service then responded by saying that because we "chose to move early", we couldn't get it refunded.

All players and guilds on the APAC Servers were given free transfers so we had a choice of where to move - emails to individuals and posts in the forums were used by EA/Bioware to encourage this early move. It was only AFTER this period of player movement that the new policies were enacted. No information about losing rights and privileges were provided to the community.

After more probing I was informed by Customer Service that I was using information from the initial transfers to the APAC servers from 2012... I don't understand how they can even justify using that as an excuse as they hadn't given us any information on what the new policies were, or that new policies would affect us if we chose to use the free transfers.

So yet again I'm at a loss as to why they won't provide a guild bank, the way customer service has been going it's almost as if they want the game to die.

I provided current information at the time, I was Guildmaster of the guild, the guild had a guild bank, I ticketed as per the policy and then received no help.
To add insult to injury, this is not a 'Standard Rule' that Bioware/EA has enacted. In fact they are selecting Guilds seemingly at random, onto which these 'new rules' apply. A guild I am acquainted with <Beyond Redemption> has received their guild bank using the exact same policy, I even have links to confirm that they did receive their guild tabs and a completely different response to what we have received. The Guild Master linked and, which clearly shows a confirmation of a guild bank restoration. I submitted a ticket on the same day as <Beyond Redemption>ís Guildmaster, why did I get such a poor response? <Beyond Redemption> came from the exact same server and had very similar circumstances. Why is there no standard for all APAC guilds, you simply canít justify different policies and actions for different guilds with the exact same circumstances.

Reasons to restore our Guild Bank:
We were consolidated, we were given the transfer as a means of consolidating.
We had a guild bank on our origin server.
You haven't given us our guild bank on our destination server.
You have obviously done so for other APAC guilds, why not us, were we as eligible as they were! Aren't we worth your time?
At the time your policies and available information allowed for a guild bank refund.
We were not provided any information to suggest that we wouldn't be eligible if we moved using the transfers.
You gave us the choice to move and then consolidated if we moved to a server that wasn't where you consolidated what was the point of allowing us to move other than to con guilds? (Sorry for the use of Con but unfortunately it is sickeningly accurate.)

Reasons for not restoring Guild Bank from Customer Support have Provided me:
New Policies (were not available at transfer time.)
Using Old Policies (were the most recent at transfer time.)
Chose to Transfer Early (Invalid as explained above.)

Not good enough, there hasnít been a single decent reason provided as to why a Guild Bank refund shouldnít be provided. Customer service are simply just giving us the run-around at this point. The way that Customer Service has treated some APAC guilds as Iíve seen others posting on the forums with the same problems, is infuriating, Iím asking for Customer Service to honour the agreement of the terms available at the times of the transfer.

I apologise if I come off offensive or insulting, Iím trying to create some equality of the service that all the APAC transferred guilds are receiving, there is no reason to treat some better than others. At this point, I'd rather deal with Jagex and their 1 billion account security questions worked into every pve, pvp and levelling event ever conceived as long as they can provide proper support (I really love SWTOR, but jeez what are the customer support team actually doing!?).

I don't need to be told ticketing frequently regarding the same issue could be considered an abuse of the customer support system, I need the customer support system to work and not be unfair, biased and slack.

If anybody has any information on how to contact a higher level of customer support to get a Guild bank refunded please message me or reply to my post. Additionally if anybody knows Darren from Customer Support, please send him my way!