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Cartel armour worth?

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06.12.2013 , 07:48 PM | #1
Are they any good? Thinking about buying a set. I know that they match your level. Thoughts?

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06.12.2013 , 08:29 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by ForOdinForAsgard View Post
Are they any good? Thinking about buying a set. I know that they match your level. Thoughts?
They are as good as the modifications you place into them. They are not better than orange or purple named gear with the same mods. It's basically all about the looks The sets have as their main advantage that a full set matches with looks. However mixing up different items can give nice combinations as well
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06.13.2013 , 02:04 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by ForOdinForAsgard View Post
Are they any good? Thinking about buying a set. I know that they match your level. Thoughts?
They are good in that they are adaptive and when added to your collection and unlocked you can claim it multiple times across all your characters on that account.

Adaptive armor means it will change from light to medium to heavy depending on who wears it. Say your character wears light armor, and you have a companion that wears medium and another that wears heavy. Since that armor is adaptive it automatically changes to "light" armor when you wear it. Put it on the person that wears medium it changes to medium, give it to your companion that wears heavy and it changes to heavy. Any class and any companion (minus droid) can wear it. You just have to ensure the correct armoring, mod and enhancement are in it for whoever is using it (strength, aim, cunning, willpower).

Now for the collections hit your I key to open your inventory and look at the bottom left corner you will see collections. Open that up and at the top left of the new window you will see Cartel Market, and subcategories armor, weapons, color crystals etc with a percentage. For now click Armor and go to page 3 or 4 which has some of the more popular armor sets. Some of these armor sets have different requirements some are level 1, some level 15 and some level 35. So play close attention before purchasing something. Now the collection system works like this, as an example we'll use the Stalwart Protector Armor set which is on page 4 in the middle:

Step 1 purchase Stalwart Protector Armor Set for 1440 cartel coins OR buy the full set on the GTN/from players using in game credits
Step 2 equip the entire set (not just in your inventory, actually put it on)
Step 3 a pop message will show up saying the set has been added to your collections
Step 4 log on to a different character
Step 5 find the Stalwart Protector Armor set in your collections (steps to find it in the paragraph above)
Step 6 look at the window for the Stalwart Set and read the help tips for the tiny icons in the window one of them will say:

You have added this item to your collection from another character.

You may purchase the ability for all characters on your account to claim copies of this item.

Step 7 Click that icon and pay a one time cartel coin fee to unlock that item so all characters can claim it
Step 8 You are done, the icon will change to that of an opened box and you can click it to claim multiple copies on any character on your account.

It's pretty straight forward, buy the set with CC/credits, equip it, unlock it in the collections by paying a one time cartel coin fee. After that you can claim that set as many times as you want. But it unlocks that set, and that set only. If you want to be able to make unlimited copies of the Sith Raider set you have to repeat the whole process for the Sith Raider armor, collect it, wear it, one time CC fee, and them unlimited claims.

Having said all that...i recommend your first toon have cybertech, scavenging and underworld trading (or slicing for more creds). hehehe you're gonna need it if you start making copies of armor sets.
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