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Taunting off player help

Fraydon's Avatar

06.11.2013 , 11:18 PM | #1
New player, learning the ins and outs. Toon : Jedi Shadow. Attempting to complete a Group Flashpoint.
A player typed , " Stop F*&$# ing Taunting off me " . Sooo, reading this made me real happy inside -
And being a pay to play player, I do not tolerate that kind of abuse, especially from a stranger online.
That being said, Im searching for an answer about , how NOT to Taunt off another player.
I have read several articles about taunting and come to the conclusion that I was not cloaked or inviz -
and did not hit " Taunt " button on my GUI - soooooooo , how did I taunt off the other player? Is it one my
spells or DPS buttons that I am using to hit the NPC ? I have fun playing the game and have NEVER had
anyone so RUDE typing at me about something like this. Im guessing that this " KID " is a veteran and SWTOR
must be his only escape from reality , so when my dumb*%$ tried to play. and Im not playing his way - look out
because here comes the F Bombs and poor sportsmanship. ( Venting a bit ) There is obviously an easy way
for me to adjust my GUI or select a different action button so as not to disrupt this childs entertainment for the night.

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06.12.2013 , 12:56 AM | #2
What I can gather from your description of the situation, you were in there as a Damage Dealer, and the complaining player was the tank?
If so, then he probably meant that the mobs were attacking you too often (at least more often than the tank would've liked).
As you said correctly, taunting means to use certain abilities that make the enemies attack you. But you can also "taunt" enemies away from other players by simply doing much more damage to them then other palyers.
So I think that this is what happened, the tank tried to bind the mob to him, but you did a high amount of damage that made the mob turn to you.
That happens a lot, since it is the purpose of DDs to do as much damage as they can.

The solution to this would be twofold:
For one, the tank should learn to deal with such situations and save his taunts, if possible, for those situations.

But you can also do your part:
Give the tanks a few seconds at the beginning of the fight to build up a sufficient amount of aggro, so that you can do as much damage as you like without drawing the attention of the mob.
Also, you most certainly have aggro-reduce-skills, skills, that lower your threat towards an enemy by a certain amount. Hit it, when you gain the aggro on enemys, that will make it easier for the tank to regain the aggro.
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06.12.2013 , 01:43 AM | #3
Shadows taunts are
MInd Control
Mass Mind Control

If you join a group as a damage dealer, you should not be using those at all, ever (other than maybe as some last ditch effort to save the group if the actual tank of the group is dead)
They are to be used only as a tank.

And if you actually did even touch them, that other player's reaction was justified. There is nothing more annoying than some player who refuses to do his selected role or do his part to help the group but instead does everything possible to make it harder than it needs to be for the rest of the group to do what they need to do.

When I see someone who signed up as a dps role taunting or using their tank stance (ie Combat Technique which you should also only use if you are tank) then I may ask nicely one time for them to stop, but if they don't stop immediately, I just initiate vote to kick to remove them from group.

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06.12.2013 , 03:05 AM | #4
Make sure you're not in your tank stance. I don't remember what it's called for shadows, but it increases your threat generation by 100% which makes it hard on the actual tank.

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06.12.2013 , 12:51 PM | #5
Assuming the tank in the flashpoint knew what he was talking about, it would appear you are using taunt abilities, linked above by a previous poster.

Taunt means you are guaranteed to take the threat (aggression) of that enemy and potentially away from the tank. If the tank's taunts are on cool down, he'll not be able to get it back for several seconds and even then might struggle. If you're a DPS using taunts you are risking wiping the group given you are not geared to withstand large amounts of damage.

Although he could have been more polite, if that's what you are doing it will be really annoying for the tank.

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06.12.2013 , 05:34 PM | #6
Thanks to all of you whom replied, I am starting to understand . I AM pretty sure I started that Flashpoint in Combat Mode and that looks to be the first mistake. Second was, I kept attacking EVERYTHING in site. It was my understanding in this game - " Kill the bad monsters " , but there is a techinque and pace to doing so in a group, so as not to attract too much aggro just on one toon. Although , I was NOT using Mind Meld or the like, just was concentrating on using my attacking buttons to kill the monsters. Never was there a moment when I thought, " I know what I will do, I will piss off these random players just for fun" - Im sure that happens as well too. Again, thanks for taking time out to reply to a noob - much appreciated . So, next Flashpoint I do - let the tank attract the aggro first , then come in for some hits ( not using any of the taunts ) back off, come in again and do damage, lay off , etc... Sound right for a game plan ?

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06.13.2013 , 07:11 AM | #7
Don't feel bad tho, the earlier fp's are there for us noobs to learn the rules, roles, etc. But even in those lower lvl fp's there's always some moron who takes it personally & wets his diaper when everyone doesn't play to his lvl of excellence.... instead of explaining what you're doing wrong. Best advice...find a cool guild & run with them.
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06.13.2013 , 07:18 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraydon View Post
So, next Flashpoint I do - let the tank attract the aggro first , then come in for some hits ( not using any of the taunts ) back off, come in again and do damage, lay off , etc... Sound right for a game plan ?
Don't forget to swap out of your tanking stance/technique when you dps
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06.13.2013 , 08:58 AM | #9
Not doing as much damage as you could be doing just because the group's tank can't handle it, is not a good solution. If his complaint was about you doing too much damage and getting aggro, then he needs to get better at taunting and generating threat. One thing you can do if you get aggro is to use your in-combat stealth (if you have it yet) as this will reduce your threat by a significant amount, then start attacking again asap after you lose aggro.

Be sure however that you read the description on all of your abilities and don't use any that involve increasing your own threat or something similar. Though as long as you're not in the tank stance or using taunts then you should be fine.
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06.13.2013 , 09:38 AM | #10
Rule of 5: at the beginning of any fight, if you aren't the Tank, let him move forward first. From the time that the enemies see him and move to engage him, wait 5 seconds. Once those 5 seconds have passed, you can start laying into enemies. At that point, if the Tank has done his job, and continues to do his job, he will have enough of a head start in the Threat department that you won't be able to catch up to him.

However, if at any point an enemy should turn and start attacking you, either use whatever abilities you have that drop Threat (from the sound of it, Combat Stealth is one you can use), or, if you have no abilities that do so, stop attacking and run around like a chicken with it's head cut off until the Tank can get Threat back.

Hopefully, that will solve any problems before they happen in the future.