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Is cloaking screen working?

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Is cloaking screen working?

osgrim's Avatar

06.12.2013 , 11:50 AM | #1
I'm new here and figured I should at least post this here first.

Sorry about the redundant rant but I really need to get this out.

When I use cloaking screen on my Operative in PvP it practically never works.
It works reasonably enough in pve but have also had issues there.

In PvP I'll use it, change the direction I was running when I initially used the ability, and be more than far enough from anyone for them to know where I'm going.

The stealth isn't broken by DoTs. This has happened to me and I understand the difference.

And yet some guy sees me and shoots me from max attack range. Within the ten seconds that I'm supposed to be (directly on the tooltip) undetectable. Or uses their gap closer from a distance where they definitely shouldn't be able to see me from. Every. Freakin. Time.

Why is this happening? I should be invisible and safe. Not easily detectable like it was a joke.

It's not like I'm standing around them, trying to trigger their detection of me. Nor do I get too close. I use the ability and beeline away from them in a direction they couldn't possibly see. And they break my stealth when I'm far enough away and in a location they couldn't possibly have pinpointed to find me. I pop the ability and nothing breaks it outside of the attack they initiate well after I'm supposed to be undetectable. And sufficiently far enough away that they definitely shouldn't be able to see me.

What gives? Has it always been like this? Is it supposed to be like this?

What's the purpose of cloaking screen if it doesn't do what it's supposed to?

I'm in combat getting pelted on, I use cloaking screen. Remain stealthed, unbroken by dots . A more than fair distance from any enemy. And yet I am definitely not "virtually undetectable" for any amount of time.

I just don't get it. What part of "undetectable" means "clearly visible for the entire duration of the ability by any opponent ever at any range"?

Every time it happens all I can do is this look.

And shrug my shoulders while shaking my head. Unbelievable.

Because, yeah, it's absolutely not doing what it's supposed to and it's a huge letdown every time.

Also, is there a detailed combat log in this game? I'd really like to be able to go over what happened during (most) fights.

Thank you, and sorry again if this seemed abrasive, and for any ignorance.