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LvL 55 FP Cademimu Bugged

Werdan's Avatar

05.06.2013 , 07:05 PM | #11
Known issue but I highly doubt it's happening that many times to one person in one fight. I can see over multiple tries though. That said, cc break, force speed with root break talent, Hydraulic Overrides, and other anti root talents/abilities do work and are normally on fairly short CDs. While not a novel idea, I'd suggest respeccing when this FP pops for you. If its not something you want to do, you could always just leave the FP, wait out your queue CD, and queue again without this FP selected. So far it's only been an issue once when our group wiped 3 times because of it. I usually play my Merc or PT so it does not affect me as much as other classes. Hydraulic Overrides FTW.