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AskMrRobot Closing Down SWTOR Support

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AskMrRobot Closing Down SWTOR Support

dipstik's Avatar

04.17.2013 , 11:40 PM | #1
The site is pretty much giving up on SWTOR, and it is the closest thing we have to an armory for this game. This is what they said yesterday:

So, here is our plan:
We are going to make an open source project that has all of our item data json and the extraction tools we use to get the data from the game. Anybody can take a look at those and add new items, etc. The idea is that we really need folks like you who play the game to help us keep all the item information up to date. We will also need the item icons collected, I can post up a little guide on how I have done that in the past. The other piece we are going to open source is our javascript that calculates stats - so that people who know about the game can update those and make sure the stats are getting calculated successfully.

Team Robot is going to block out Monday and Tuesday next week to work on SWTOR. We have to update the talent calculators and make adaptive armor work, at a minimum. We will give folks an update after that on how things are going - we really are not sure how hard/easy it will be to update, since we don't know if our extraction tools will even work anymore on the new expansion.

The idea here is to meet the community using our site halfway - we don't make money on the site at all, we run it at a loss, but, we think the site is really high quality and don't want to leave people hanging, especially since SWTOR still has no armory besides our site. The game community around SWTOR just isn't that large, unfortunately. We are willing to invest a couple of days of development time from our whole team and set it up such that users can keep the item data up to date. We have no idea if users will actually update the item data or not, but hopefully they will. We will post details on how that all works when we set it up next week.

Doing a partially open-sourced project will be new for us, so we can't promise the experiment will work - but we want to give it a shot.

We will have to disable the combat log parsing - people can look at old logs, but we won't be accepting new logs for 2.0, since we don't have time to update all the parsing code.

Echriado's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 01:40 AM | #2
They're giving it in the hands of this games community; if it lasts, it does. Heck, SWG even has a community rebuilding the game from the ground up, in not one but TWO reiterations. If SWG can pull that off. I'm sure this game can.

Lightning_'s Avatar

04.18.2013 , 05:24 AM | #3
I really hope they succeed with making the site work witg user-entered data. I'm sure many here will be able to help.

dipstik's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 09:53 AM | #4
this is my first and only mmo, so i have no idea how many people in those other games do this kind of work, but just from looking at the mmo-mechanics forums, there doesn't seem to be that many people willing to do the foot work and drudge through the data to get these numbers. when 2.0 data hit the pts, there was only one person that posted anything about the nodes of the asset files, and some sections of the mmo-mechanics forums have not been updated since 1.2.

if people are going to help this game develop external support systems, this is a great opportunity.

Aelaias's Avatar

04.20.2013 , 03:45 PM | #5
I don't really use or understand this site but I am curious as to what they would consider a game with a healthy population? I mean SWTOR is in its best shape since release in terms of content and population.
Letho - Vanguard

Elyxin's Avatar

04.21.2013 , 02:24 PM | #6
I know it doesn't feel good initially, But I think this is positive. No site can support a game forever....sites depend on incoming money to keep the site up just as much as we depend on our paycheck for food. if the site isn't popular enough, they wont get the advertising, or donations, or whatever. this is simple the way of the market. and all MMO's at some point lose popularity. its simply a balance of market necessity vs. player enjoyment.

The fact that the site cannot afford to support SWTOR 100%, but they are STILL WILLING to make it so that the site is still available and GROWS, should be a good thing. it means they still have faith in the game, even if the market is moving on to different pastures...which the market always does. even the Giant WoW is losing ground. this is the nature of the industry, and the site owners are defying that trend by trying to keep the DB accessible.

I see this as a good thing. we now have the capacity to add to the site, and it could actually change it for the better. Wiki's have proven that they are a solid way of transferring information, and are becoming more popular for a reason, perhaps this is simply the MMO "support" community evolving with the times as everything else does.

Ancaglon's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 08:12 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Aelaias View Post
I don't really use or understand this site but I am curious as to what they would consider a game with a healthy population? I mean SWTOR is in its best shape since release in terms of content and population.
I gues it depends on how they get their revenue. Unlike say torhead, askmrrobot doesn't have a tonne of different pages that people visit, so their opportunities for getting funding from banner advertising are much more limited.

Personally, the fact that they imported the 2.0 data into their profile editor prompted me to spend $12 on a "Premium" membership.