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Post 2.0.1 Crew Skill Issues

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Post 2.0.1 Crew Skill Issues

jvoodoochild's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 09:47 AM | #1
I have viewed the known issues thread, and I wish to list other issues that effect Crew Skills. We know you all at BioWare are very busy actively improving this game that we all love. We look forward to seeing these issues corrected. BioWare, if possible, please update us with a status. Community, if I have not included something, please let me know and I will add it in.

1 Slicing Lockbox missions are not providing a sufficient number of credits.
Issue is known as of 4/15 with no ETC. Personally this is the cornerstone of my crafting machine which is on standby waiting for this fix.

2 Archeology, Bioanalysis, & Scavenging each yield an unusable item.
Issue is known as of 4/15 with no ETC. With higher costs to craft items that also take longer, yielding a mat that has no use and will not come close to recouping the loss in credits or time spent on the gathering mission is quite frustrating.

3 Many self crafted items are not REable . The SC requirement is listed as red even though the level is 450.
Issue is known as of 4/17 with no ETC. In addition to cybertech (original poster) armstech, armormech, synthweaving are also effected. Likely artifice is also effected, but I have not run across implants in Biochem that can not be REed.

4 - Treasure Hunting boxes have a level requirement to open.
I have not seen a BW acknowledgement to this issue, but I do know a guildie of mine has put in a ticket. As CS or advanced CS do not have a level requirement, BoP yields should not as well.

5 Some Armormech modable recipes do not require a prototype UWT metal.
I have not seen a BW acknowledgement to this issue

Asavrede's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 11:00 AM | #2
6 - Many missions give NO yields even though they complete succesfully (succesful message, no items). This includes, but is not limited to "Unsliceable", "Credit Drain", "Watching the Watchdogs" and "Honored Lineages".

I suspect they are all rich/bountiful missions, but I have not checked - and it seems it's somehow a proc result that breaks them, since they dont do it all the time. The problem started after the yields were increased.

Edit: Add "Urgent Recruitment" to the list.