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New Neutral class (I know its been discussed a lot)

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New Neutral class (I know its been discussed a lot)

bearmarcuz's Avatar

04.25.2013 , 08:38 PM | #1
All right, I wanted to start this thread primarily on the base that the class system in this game is deep at the same time it leaves something to be desired with it's variety.
Well my friend and I talked about this and while trying to remain lore friendly and stay within the cannon loosely (other-wise i think that creating a new class is nearly impossible) the one class we could come up with would be both your race and class, it would be centered on you being a Kaleesh at the prologue of your story, you would start by fighting the Huk (native rival invaders of the planet.) Trying to find out why they are so much more advanced than you and your people, you progress into finding supplies given to them by both republic and the Empire. And in an attempt to cut supply lines your character ends up sacrificing himself in an explosive inferno of arms and munitions. Progressing into the conclusion of your character were you have been transformed into a General Grievous like droid (I say that this may be lore friendly because as far as i know there is nothing saying that grievous wasnt made from previous design that may or may not have been used successfully) by a doctor who is servicing under a Sith lord. The Sith lord believes you to have been programmed into a Mindless droid like any other.
Without going to far into the rest of this area you decide whether or not you want to join the Empire or follow the doctor and escape to the republic. where upon arriving you meet with a sith lord or jedi knight who takes you in and trains you in melee combat and how to channel your powers (however no force power is available to you) . after this point both story lines would be fairly similar to any other Imp or Pub player but traveling to the generic planets and level grinding as you deal with an inner conflict of are you man or machine, did the doctor lie to you things like that.

Progressing past stories I feel the character combat should be limited to more of tech orientated need focusing on cunning strength or endurance based on your class preference that you should reach before leaving the prologues area, your class determines the size of the body you end of with, picking a tanked spec leads to a large frame, healer leads to average frame.

You fight with a ligth saber like greivous, both specs dual wield. Cunning spec uses tech abilities to summon smaller droids to heal targets or self while working to shield yourself and limit damage with you LBs. the damage specs would differ by either disabling opponents to deal lighter damage without risk of damage and trying to outpace your opponents for a long fight, or using small droid attacks to bring burst damage and end the fights quickly.

Tank spec would focus on fearing (not WoW style fear) opponents light aoe's and obviously a **** ton of endurance. Moves would be mostly flashy to grab attention things like that. Dps from this would take flashy moves and make them more deadly focusing on strength and being somewhat like a marauder in their builds focusing on bleed damage for one tree and continuous strikes for another.

I dont expect a knew class to be added in anything less than their next expansion and I think that it would be a great new attention grab for them bringing in a ton of new players, i would also expect the class to be subscription and expansion purchase for the play option for this class, which should be enough to cover expenses of adding a whole new story line for sixty levels.

Anyway critique the premise and whatever else you like, its how ideas get better.
also i apologize for any errors in my typing.

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04.25.2013 , 08:42 PM | #2
I heard a datamined rumor this is coming Very soon!
Something to do with Hutts and Cathar...
Ooh! In Elder Scrolls Online, I get magic spells and colossal PvP! That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?
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04.29.2013 , 07:05 PM | #3
There are several neutral classes that could be easily implemented, while staying in canon. And, like your idea, i think the easiest would be a race/class. Though working in the existing system, i think it would be far more practical to make a playable droid, as all the equipment already exists, as well as several templates to base the advanced classes on ( battle droid, assassin, ect.). Plus, since independent thinking droids are already a fact of the sw universe, it leaves open the possible story of a droid gaining its freedom, and then choosing which group will best help it build an autonomous future. As a droid, you would get a custom "rebuild" to suit your advanced class, of which there could be any( a medical unit, battle unit, bodyguard unit, astromec, assassin unit) all of which have existed as support in one version of SWTOR, or another.