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Possible future Cartel Pack stuff?

bigzammer's Avatar

04.02.2013 , 09:49 PM | #1
I would love to see both of Candarous Ordo's armor (from KotOR 1 and 2) added into the game. For that matter, I'd love to see the original KotOR Mandalorian-styled armors added as adaptive armor at some point. . Also, some of the Imperial Trooper armors that currently are not wearable (such as a red Imp Trooper chest plate or the Imperial Troopers armor that has the Mandalorian-style faceplate) added to the game would be very awesome.

Also, what about some companion customizations (aside from the ship droids, of course)? I'd love to see a T7 customization that turns him into T3-M4, or an HK-51 customization that turns him into either the stock HK droids you see around the world (since T7 has a generic astro droid costume it would make sense) or, of course, HK-47.

We have almost every kind of darksaber (the dark core lightsabers) out there, but what about and actual darksaber, with a black core and white exterior? I was hoping that's what the Black-White crystals were.

I can think of some others, as well, these are just a few ideas.