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Guild Ships and Guild Planets, A MUST.

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Guild Ships and Guild Planets, A MUST.

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04.02.2013 , 07:02 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Zorrion View Post
Removing the On-Rails space combat would go a long way towards making people more excited about space.
I totally agree. The linear space combat is not what it should be. How about making it like SWB2?
And why are all the higher-level space missions just harder versions of the low-level ones? Couldn't EA and BW be more creative?

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04.02.2013 , 11:54 PM | #72
Ah come on Bioware we really need this . I think more than just a new operation or warzone
I'am waiting this near 1 year

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04.03.2013 , 01:31 AM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by WizardsDestiny View Post
Not a MUST, poor wording. For those here to tell others it's not a 'must,' we know- it was a poor choice in excitement. For those interested in the ships, read on!

GUILD CAPITAL SHIPS and Planets ought to happen. With the game's guilds dying and desperate Free to Play (Shiver, but that's another debate) measures being taken, the guilds need something unique. PVP Space Combat and having your own planets would be that amazing something. Here are some suggestions from other Forums I'd like to share before expressing my own ideas. They're really the foundations of mine and are better.

Originally Posted by Wolfkane, 03.23.2012 , 11:01 PM.

"Guild ships start out as pieces of junk, really, with only a half dozen rooms and a whole lot of rust everywhere. It will cost around 1,000,000 credits for the initial stage, which everyone in the guild can contribute to. You can buy additional parts to make it fancier and more up-to-date for 500,000 credits per part; but you can also get them by inviting more people to your guild, and by having a higher guild level total. So, a guild with 20 level 50s would have 1000 levels total, and you would unlock new parts at certain milestones (50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, etc..). You can unlock entire new areas of the ship by successfully completing Operations, and smaller, more advanced parts by completing flash points.

If at least 5 of your guild members finish every operation in the game (based on current patch) at least once, then you can buy an entire planet for your guild in the Outer Rim, which can be named, customized and upgraded. The initial cost of this planet would be 100,000,000 credits, again, with everyone in the guild chipping in. You can build cities, change the environment, even add enemies to it. Both the ship and the planet will have their own unique daily and weekly quests, which wouldn't give material rewards, but instead would give points for your guild which can lead to more upgrades for your ship and planet.

Now onto guild battles. The guild vault that we will be getting in 1.2 will be modified to include 20 slots which can be locked, meaning they can't be stolen during a Guild Battle, as that is the reward for the victorious side - Stealing 5 items from the conquered's guild vault. You can also bet certain items, and if you win, then for every item you bet, you can take an additional item; BUT, if you lose, you lose every item you bet with. This will be optional. Two guild ships of opposite factions will engage in combat above a planet. High ranking Guild members can pilot their hulking cruiser that they have worked so hard to build. Everyone has the ability to perform various quests that pop up aboard the ship, to either repair parts of the ship within a time limit, fend off invaders and boarding parties, or rescue dying crew members from those nasty enemies of yours. You can also jump into your personal ship, and engage in off rails dogfights with other players. you can also board the enemy ship, and try to either sabotage the important parts, or assassinate/capture their captain. The battle ends when the captain of a ship is captured, killed, or when at least 75% of the cruiser is destroyed.

Next there are guild sieges, which is when one or more guilds of the same faction invade an opposing factions guild planet The guild planet CANNOT get help from other guilds, but is much more fortified than a guild ship. It works much in the same way as a battle, only longer. You don't need to be there the entire time (Battles last 10-20 minutes, Sieges can last from a couple of hours to a couple of days). On a siege you gain more rewards for victory. First off, if your under level 25, you gain 50% of your experience bar as experience, and 25% if your 26-49. All levels get 20% of the Legacy bar filled, with an extra 10% if you're level 50. It would be 50% of the experience left until you level. You also get 2 items per bet/player from the guild vault. You can win by crippling every city except the capital, crippling the capital, killing 3 of 5 important political/military figures, or just forcing the other side to surrender. This will have a lockout period of one week. You also get 10,000 credits per level when you win, and lose 100 credits per level when you lose, not that big a loss, but a loss none the less.

As with all suggestions, this is subject to debate. So, just post if you have any feedback or suggestions to this suggestion. If enough people support this, then this might have a chance at going straight to the devs.

This suggestion was thought up by Cosmic Crusaders on Perlemian Trade Route (Republic Side)."

Nextly, by Oochimanu, Posted Old 01.22.2012 , 06:45 AM.

"I would like to start by mentioning how much space combat would enhance this game popularity/finacial wise. This will attract more players accross from other games once they see the EPIC gameplay of space combat. Please let me try to the best of my capabilities to explain what I see the benefit of this.

* Capital ship PvP

- Once Bioware/EA comes up with models for capital ships so the Guild members can use the elevator ( like on republic fleet) to go to the hanger bay, but once in the hanger bay they will be given an option to choose which ship they would want to board ( Bounty board type of panel to choose from) costing them of course commendations.
- Winning Guild to Guild head bashing in space would of course earn the victor upgrades/modifications/raid commendations to all the members of the winning team.

- Fighting over parts of space where quests are located ( planet wise) once the system is no longer contested the victor would apply a buff to every planet/space mission/space station to earn more badges,exp,legacy,etc. Keep in mind it would also be COOL if you can que in that system while it has the buff to boost WarZone commendations and Valor being earned.

* Capital ship PvE

- Working as a team to down the enemy as a team for Legacy,Gear,Commendations ( For purchasing bigger ships from hanger), Upgrades for the Guild Capital Ship.

- Winning Fleet Battles will hopefully boost Social,Lightside, and most of all Raid buffs while in raids would help.

Here are the following formats that I would love to be applied to the Capital Ships.

Guild Bank ( I am aware of the guild bank release)

Being able to base your Guild Capital Ship to any location ( Space wise) for guildies to fly to it, and dock in it.


Ship Hanger in PvP matches via the "Ship Panel" being able to purchase ships to undock and engage the enemy guild war has been waged against.

Special que for Guild Fleet Battles ( GFB) to que against a random group.

Manable turrets on the Guild Capital ship for the lowbies.

Flashpoint portals located on part of the Guild Capital ship ( Purchased Via Upgrade to use this feature)

I have tons of ideas on this and tons of people to support this we would PAY a ton to see this added to the game!"

With so many people going on about how amazing this is, why not try this?

What's to lose? Guilds (From my experience on AP Servers) are struggling, so what harm would adding such a unique feature do? It can only do good, really, and if it does any harm the idea fades. These two people who I have posted ideas from have had heaps of people agree with them and it is obviously thus a pretty well loved idea. I've talked to my members (The League of Shadows and The League of Light on Dalborra- I'm the Guildmaster of both) and they all love it too. 'Why not? This is a brilliant idea!' They said. If you mix in all of the other ideas which are in other forums the game would take off. I agree that Ships should be able to dock- perhaps a price for however many hangars guild members can dock in and this can increased as the guild grows bigger. Class ships can then be used in Space Combat against the other Guild ship, and even one perhaps can be nominated to be a boarding ship for four or so players in a group. "Man the cannons! Take the ships!" That'd just be awesome. Do it in a Star Wars Battlefront 2 style, another guildmate suggested. Another added we should have Guild Symbols, customizable interiors...who wouldn't love it, if they are currently being part of a guild which can really only talk and raid together? The mechanics of a guild don't really have anything overly special, so being a part of a guild is rarely unique, special and a privilege.

(This was also posted in General Discussion by me but I felt it needed to be suggested as well.)

Guild Ships are still one of my preferred ideas, but Guild Planets would be too hard to develop- let's focus on the ships first!!
Ho and please include cantina for rest XP

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04.03.2013 , 11:52 AM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by LordDeWet View Post
Ho and please include cantina for rest XP
Why did you quote his WHOLE thing?

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04.03.2013 , 12:02 PM | #75
Quote: Originally Posted by LordDeWet View Post
Ho and please include cantina for rest XP
I think the whole ship should be a rest zone.

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04.03.2013 , 01:47 PM | #76
Quote: Originally Posted by Venorhion View Post
I totally agree. The linear space combat is not what it should be. How about making it like SWB2?
And why are all the higher-level space missions just harder versions of the low-level ones? Couldn't EA and BW be more creative?
Battlefront 2's space game is even more boring than this is.
Quote: Originally Posted by wjramussen
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04.04.2013 , 05:47 AM | #77
Dont forget about roleplay players. Make a more rooms . For example room for the Jedi: a meditation room with tree , water and of course chairs becouse I only seen chairs on the ship.

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04.04.2013 , 06:19 AM | #78
Quote: Originally Posted by DurbanPoison View Post
Dont forget about roleplay players. Make a more rooms and another things
Our Guild isn't a role-playing guild, but I agree. We commonly have Council Meetings and sitting cross legged on some rudimentary seat on Korriban isn't ideal compared to an actual table with chairs. It just adds that extra bit to the game.
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04.04.2013 , 09:40 AM | #79
Any new info BW?
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04.05.2013 , 12:38 AM | #80
I'd be much more happy with a guild space station. Something like the orbital stations on some planets, but with interactable furniture, GTN terminals, mail boxes, guild and solo banks, vendors, target dummies and briefing rooms (you know, for RP guilds).
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