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Merge Valor and Reputation.

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04.02.2013 , 04:56 PM | #1
At the moment, Valor is only a glorfication stat that allow the use of an handful of items (crafted PvP armors, a mount, a pet) and a give a title each 10 ranks. The goal is to give a bit of significance to the Valor and as well a bit of flexibility of how to aquire/use some PvP restricted items.

The idea is that Valor points earned will grant automaticaly Reputation for PvP, faction restricted, or not. If the Reputation system is faction restricted, it can bear the name of whatever squadron of each faction.
If the Reputation system is not faction restricted, it could be a reputation towards "Balmorean weapons and equipment industry collective" for exemple.

There are multiple ways to make a system that links Reputation points to Valor :
- 1:1 ratio : each Valor point grant a Reputation point to the legacy
- X:1 ratio (for exemple, X= 10) : each time a character reaches a multiple of X valor points, one reputation point is granted. For exemple if X is 10, and a character has 1562 Valor points in total (all ranks cumulated), it will grant 156 reputation points to his legacy. He will get his 157th point when he'll reach 1570 Valor points. If after a WZ he goes up to 1991 Valor points, his Reputation will go up to 199.
- One Valor rank, one Reputation point : it would imply that the cap for Reputation ranks will be low to match the fact that Valor ranks aren't numerous. It would also imply that players with multiple low characters will advantaged towards a player who only have one character, which is not desirable in my opinion.

My preferrence goes to a 1:1 ratio where each Valor point give one point to Reputation. I wish that it would be retroactive, meaning that each Valor points earned before would count automatically into the Reputation count when it will be released (if it will). I also wish that it wouldn't have weekly limit, in order to not refrain players to go into WZ.

I imagine that the amount of points needed to reach the "Legend" rank of Reputation would be equivalent to the amount of Valor points necessary to reach Valor 100 one character (not more, or it would punish people who don't want to reroll, even if I believe they're not numerous).

Now, let's talk about the benefits of the Reputation ranks... The first benefit, would be Legacy titles, to show how much you're fond of PvPing even if you're playing a level 15 alt. But I also suggest that all the current items that need a Valor requirement to be turned into item needing a Reputation Rank. This change may not be possible for items that have already been crafted/purchased.
This would also be the opportunity to add new items or making some past ones back to the spotlight.

I suggest the PvP Reputation Vendor to provide :
- Level 20 and 40 armor and weapons (the ones who will not be sold anymore at 2.0 - full or empty)
- Centurion empty armors
- Champion empty armors
- Battle Master and War Hero shematics
- Multiples (2 or 3) mounts (rank requirement may very depending on the mount - one of them may be adaptable for exemple)
- Pets
- +41 Expertise level 10 Classic colored crystals (blue, green, red - maybe yellow and orange as well)
- +41 Expertise level 50 Classic colored and Unusal colored crystal shematics (Unusual = cyan, purple, magenta)
- +41 Expertise level 50 Rare colored crystals (black-blue, black-red, and other black-cored crystals currently sold)
- Endless PvP stims/adrenals (maybe with a longer CD than regular)
- New adaptable sets : Republic's Army General outfit (Garza's Brown colored officer outfit), Imperial Moff outfit
(This is not rank-sorted, Lvl 20 & 40 armors and weapons as well as lvl10 crystal would require some of the lowest ranks)

As these items would be numerous, I suggest some of them to be sold as packs (Centurion/Champion armors, Battle Master shematics...)

My craziest wish would be that the Reputation Vendor would sell PvP Armorings, mods and enhancements or shematics to craft them. This would be limited to tier(s) over recruit and under BiS. In this case the number of items avaliable would be so huge that two vendors would be needed, one of them dedicated to Armorings/Mods/Enhancement/Crystals.

Remark : Crafted items coming from Reputation shematics would have a Reputation requirement as well in some case (For exemple, Unsual colored crafted crystals would have one, while Classic colored crafted crystals wouldn't).