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2.0 Feedback - Communicate to Sage/Sorc classes?

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2.0 Feedback - Communicate to Sage/Sorc classes?

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03.29.2013 , 01:54 PM | #1
Bioware team- (RE: Sage/Sorc Class, information, PVP, changes, help)

You guys have had some excellent communication lately and it's greatly appreciated by most of the user population. Granted some of the information was mixed reviews by many at least it was information being posted and the reasoning why things changed for various classes.

Sage/Sorc class doesn't seem to be getting the same level of information and/or explanation (IE: Not feeling the LOVE). In fact this is just a carry over from PVP forums even with very little activity while other classes (FOTM) seem to have a lot of activity - especially when Stun Bubble was the main topic. Some of the information around the CRIT issue has been discussed, but the patch resolution didn't really address the problem and even more compounded for those classes with little BURST (like Sage/Sorc and others) and others that have Auto-Crit features (Smashers).

You have several brave BW employees that have shared the classes they play, but I've yet to see ANYONE that is active with a Sage/Sorc role (maybe I missed someone). This has the implied "Out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to class balancing. I mean look who is playing a sniper as his main toon? Yea.. lots of speculation on why that class is slightly more OP now? You get my drift I'm sure.

REQUEST: Some Sage/Sorc communication love!
  • Why is the new "Barrier" going to provide value over loss of Instant CC and Stun Bubble?
  • Stun Bubble Removal (all agree it had to go), BUT we expected an equal valued group utility. (Barrier is not)
  • Any change in our class to address the Auto-Crit of other classes and resolve TTK issues on 2.0?
  • Some excellent forum posts by many on CC/Stun/Roots and our decreased survivability.
  • Glass Cannon conversation. If we are the fastest to DIE, then why are we not TOP DPS hands down?

I totally understand Sage/Sorc got some great BUFF's in 2.0 PTS (PVE mostly), but at the same time so did most the other classes (Keeping us still slightly lower overall as before). I was totally convinced that Phase Walk was going to be available to Sage/Sorc based on notes and then found out it was only Shadow/SIN only. Wow, that was a shock and I thought we actually had a great survival tool coming out for Sage/Sorc.

NOTE: Most of the PVE Balance changes are SPOT ON and awesome. PVP impacts are putting the Sage/Sorc class further away from front of the pack (IMHO). I think several suggestions (Sage/Sorc) made in the PTS forums are valid changes that can be quickly made that only impact PVP in game and should be considered prior to go live. (Fix DOWN later if needed like the smasher issue still being OP today after Semi-nerf)
Reference Link: Why not?
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03.30.2013 , 05:22 PM | #2
Made the same type of post in our Sorc Class Forum. Yours is definitely more colorful though.

Last couple of days, there have been Dev feedback on both Pyrotechs and Juggs. We all know where their priorities are!