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<Blood and Sand> Now Recruiting *Republic Guild*

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<Blood and Sand> Now Recruiting *Republic Guild*

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03.29.2013 , 12:56 AM | #1
Blood and Sand is now recruiting all players that are interested in raiding at level 50. Along with raiding comes other guild events such as Datacron hunting, World Bosses, Guild Duels, PvP, Open World PvP, Raiding Imperial bases + much more. We are interested in helping those players that are new to raiding or even swtor in general. We will help you level to 50 and gear you up so that you are able to go on raids with the guild.

Right now we are focused on Farming all tionese/columi/black hole commendations as the more you have before 2.0 drops, they will convert into more classic commendations which is what will be used when 2.0 does drop on April 14th.

We have our own Guild Website and Teamspeak 3 Server.
We also have Massive Guild Bank

Want to Join the Guild?
Please go to our website and fill out the quick Application and I will accept it right away and contact your character In-game so you can receive your guild invite. Hope to see you soon!

More Guild Information here:
Apply here: