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Classes - which one has the best story?

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Classes - which one has the best story?

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03.26.2013 , 01:26 AM | #51
In tiers:

1. SI and Agent for different reasons. Those two stories have very different approach and liked it.

2. SW. Would been tier 1, but felt overdone at last planets. I suppose could say they tried to make it too epic (about as close I can explain it without going much longer post).

3. BH. Not that it was so bad, but someone had to be last.

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01.07.2016 , 09:47 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Phyreblade View Post

Second favorite. This is a character who never really changes their focus, though. She knows what she's about, from the get-go, and then barrels towards that goal with singleminded and deadly purpose. Someone earlier recommended playing this character darkside, and I agree. I respect those who enjoyed playing a lightside warrior, but I don't get it. Darkside warrior was an exceptional storyline. I loved it.
I don't really get how everyone either goes for "Light Side" or "Dark Side".
I personally pick choices depending on how "my character" would react. My sith warrior resembles me in a star wars universe. Protect and help me allies, destroy my enemies is my mantra. Level 65 and still neutral (and not by choice either)

Saying that I LOVE the story of the Sith Warrior. Especially chapter 3 all my focus was put on Killing "That man" and I really wanted to see him dead!
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01.07.2016 , 10:41 PM | #53
1. Jedi Knight. This is KOTOR 3. This one felt like a Star Wars film all the way through. The story is why I have 3 fully leveled knights.
2. Sith Warrior. Good villain, fun story, also felt like a dark side Star Wars film the whole time
3. Agent. I think this one is the only one where your choices really affect how everything plays out and what the ending is. You could also go LS, DS, or somewhere in between and it all makes sense.
4. Inquisitor. This was the first I played. Hated the villain and loved the power struggle dynamic
5. Bounty hunter. Big drop off from inquisitor. Didn't really buy that I was a bounty hunter... more like a pitman. Also, bounty hunting Jedi just didn't do it for me... too unbelievable
6. Trooper. Boring, but you at least have some good lines
7. Smuggler. What even happens in this story? Completely forgettable
8. Consular. Terrible story from act 1 to the end. No clear villain that gets you pumped up to fight. Just overall very lame. As a shadow, I didn't think it made sense with the lore behind the shadow class either.
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01.08.2016 , 12:04 AM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by Shokzman View Post
I don't really get how everyone either goes for "Light Side" or "Dark Side".
I personally pick choices depending on how "my character" would react. My sith warrior resembles me in a star wars universe. Protect and help me allies, destroy my enemies is my mantra. Level 65 and still neutral (and not by choice either)

Saying that I LOVE the story of the Sith Warrior. Especially chapter 3 all my focus was put on Killing "That man" and I really wanted to see him dead!
I wholeheartedly agree. I turned off the the alignment indicator when I play and even though I went with a pureblood Emperor loyal Sith warrior, she still only ended up at Dark II. Of course I did end up skipping a lot of the side quests due to the 12xp, and focused mostly on class missions and a few heroics. I think that's where you end up getting most of the light and dark side points is from the side quests.

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01.08.2016 , 08:55 AM | #55
While other peoples opinions will differ from my list here are mine, there is no real 1st, 2nd, 3rd but tiers so:

Tier 1
Bounty Hunter

Tier 2

Tier 3

Now I know that The consular and agent "ranking" will really differ but here are my opinions:-

Consular - This is what I feel a real jedi knight would be, the knight story while good felt a little too action hero for me, Consular is more about Diplomacy but still does change the course of the war with the "alliances" he builds up during the middle arc of the game, plus especially during chapter 2 I feel out of all of the classes it makes the most sense to be doing the planetary arcs along side the story.

Agent - Now I understand why some might say its the best story in the game, it does have pretty much everything you can think of in terms of story "elements" and its quite clearly the one that the writer enjoyed doing the most, it has the chance of 2 female romances well 3 if you count watcher 2, 1 male and also has a choice of several slightly different endings while also doing a great James Bond type spy story and to top it all off it has one of my favourite companions in the game in Dr Lokin.
My problem lies however in the fact that I personally went into the story expecting too much, a general consensus is that it really was the best in the game and because of this I came out of it enjoying it less than I hoped. Maybe if I had gone in without knowledge of anything it may have been in tier 2 or even at the bottom of tier 1 but as it stands for me I can't currently rank it that high.
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01.08.2016 , 10:23 AM | #56
Imperial Agent --- I went through this story the quickest, just couldn't stop playing .... and got thoroughly ticked at some people .. won't give away any spoilers in case someone still wants to play one -- just be prepared ... that's all I'll say ( and the incident still ticks my agent off ... so you see how it affected her)

JK was next -- well, it's Star Wars, so that's logical --- Smuggler next ( but then I love the class, go figure)

Never really got into the Sith area, even though I started off with a Sith Inquis and got her to level 36 before I deleted her --- back in the day when we had a specific healer -- and the mob on Quesh I needed to kill was bugged and would NOT die -- and kept respawning minions -- I gave up ... and deleted her ( life was hard when you couldn't get the healer )
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01.09.2016 , 08:07 PM | #57
I've only played JC and Trooper so far.

I very much enjoyed the character that I created. I feel she is an extension of me, and of my personality, having similar views on morality. I felt the role of the JC fit me too. Given the choices of what your 'role play' is in the game, JC is what I would pick. However with the typical MMO structuree these days, that kind of role just doesn't fit in well.

I think the problem for the JC is that the MMO structure just doesn't fit the kind of person the JC is supposed to be, nor does the MMO structure fit the JC's kind of story. The Jedi Councilor is a diplomat who uses violence as a last resort. This makes it very hard to tell the JC's story when the typical mission is that of combat. The mission profiles and rewards for the JC should fit the character, not typical MMO 'Defeat ### mobs' reward.

A good JC story would be a political/conspiricy thriller involving Jedi mysticism. However based on the type of woman I created/envisioned for the role, I did feel she fit in pretty well with the KOTFE story.

The Trooper on the otherhand was a pretty good story, tho like most MMO stuff it does get repetitive. I liked having Elara as the romance, tho I wish Bioware would borrow from the Sims and create some NPC interaction that really reflects the romance.

I watched all the romance stories on youtube, for some reason I felt Elara's felt the most natural and 'real'. The other romances felt a little cliche. I think when Elara and the Trooper reunite it will be a beautiful scene. BW writers, please don't mess that one up, make it authentic....he hasn't seen his wife in five years, and getting the 'perserverance' letter from her gave him reason to keep going. lol

I may eventually play the Smuggler and JK. I am not too interested in the Sith side, I am sure there are good stories there, but the Sith doesn't fit my personality.


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01.09.2016 , 11:10 PM | #58
Quote: Originally Posted by AndorianTJ View Post
I may eventually play the Smuggler and JK. I am not too interested in the Sith side, I am sure there are good stories there, but the Sith doesn't fit my personality. To me it would feel like fighting for the Reich lol

When I first started this game back in beta, I was with you -- I was Republic all the way and I planned to play a Smuggler at launch. I figured that I didn't want to ruin it for release, so in beta I played an Agent.

Long story short, nowadays I find it very difficult to play Republic at all. The team that built the Empire side was far more talented and experienced, and it shows. The quests and areas flow very well into each other, and it's not all dark dark dark. My favorite character is a full light side Mandalorian (Bounty Hunter). Some of the best scenes are making fun of both Jedi and Sith.

The more I play both sides the more I think that the original writers of the game were trying to point out that the Empire isn't that bad and that the Republic is just full of hypocrites who talk about being so much better but really aren't.
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01.10.2016 , 11:14 AM | #59
In my opinion:

1: tie between Bounty Hunter and Sith Warrior. I do tend to favor light side, and playing both light side is very fun. As a light side Warrior, you throw people off because you're not going Vader on people all the time. And IDK, the light side Hunter is
2. Consular. I know Chapter One is kinda slow, but Chapters 2 and 3 pick up the pace. Plus the final twists are pretty cool.
3. Knight. Very fun. Granted, the finale of Chapter 2 stinks, but overall, it's a good story.
4. Inquisitor. Interesting throughout.
5. Smuggler. Not as fun as I had hoped it would be, but still pretty fun with good dialogue.
6. Trooper. Rather dull IMO. Chapter 3 was good though.
7. I know I'll probably get dragged for this, but I was disappointed in the Agent story. Everyone says the story is fun but...I didn't think it was, really. I understand why some things happened, but I still didn't like it happening.
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01.10.2016 , 01:32 PM | #60
I might as well give my £2:

1) Trooper - I mainly love the trooper story because it's given me some decisions that were really hard to make but felt believable at the same time. I also love all (except one) of the companions and felt that all of them (even the one I disliked) had a reason to be there.
2) Warrior - This is the story I feel has the most replay factor as it has (imo) the best mentor role and the best villain. Along with this most of the choices are satisfying no matter the result, though there are one or two decisions that leave a bitter taste. Add in a great range of ways you can characterize your warrior and it makes for a strong story.
3) BH - I've only actually played this story once but from what I remember it was a very fun but intriguing playthrough with what I would consider the best Male PC romance. There are one or two things that I would personally change but altogether it was a good story enhanced by some of the best NPC's in the game.
4) Consular - The reason I loved this story is because it felt very 'Jedi' like, it wasn't as fast paced or as 'sole hero' as the JK and it was the type of journey I imagined most PT Jedi would go on, the type of Jedi like Kenobi or Kit Fisto. It's got enough conflict to be believable but also focuses on the hallmarks of the ideal Jedi; sacrifice, diplomacy and leadership. I should mention that this is also a downside as it makes playing a Dark Jedi hard due to more than skeptical moments caused by your alignment but I never had the desire to do this so YMMV.
5) Smuggler - This was a strange one for me because while I liked the story and thought the dialog was great there was an issue that kept bugging me: I didn't feel like a smuggler. Without spoiling anything, I think the villains are great, all of the companions are at the very least interesting and that all of the chapters are fun but if your looking for a Han Solo story you may be unsatisfied.
6) Jedi Knight - To be honest it's not that I dislike this story, more that I found it very 'meh' worthy in comparison to those above it. As the PC you are going to be doing basically everything but the JK story takes that trope to a new level, the story itself being fairly cliché riddled anyway. What I will say is that basically everyone is very well voiced, though I would have loved to hear more of the chapter 3 antagonist and more of Laura Bailey's FMA:B Lust voice.
7) Agent - I'm not really sure if it's the hype that ruined it for me but the story just didn't live up to my expectations. My main problem was with the companions because none of them really felt like they meshed that well with the PC or the flow of the story. Aside from that I just felt that all of the decisions and situations weren't that..... extraordinary? I'm not sure how to explain it but everything just fell flat. Like the JK story though, I will say that all the voice acting is superb with Fem Agent, one of the antagonists and the PC's boss being among my favorite in the game.
8) Inquisitor - This is a story I'm always surprised to see so high up on other people's lists to be honest, my main problem being lack of interest. While I'm not a massive Sith fan it did surprise me that this story bored me so much, the main factor of this being the PC themselves. Without spoiling anything, the inquisitor just didn't feel like a Dark Side genius to me, they didn't feel like a proper schemer, in fact the warrior story felt superior for this exact reason. Much alike the JK and Agent stories I think that it was ruined for me more down to hype and clichés rather than it actually being a bad story. I must also say that the voice acting, whilst good, didn't really compare to the other stories imo.

That's just my take on all of them, I don't mean to offend anyone who thinks differently.