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how to beat emperor

HellbirdIV's Avatar

08.14.2012 , 10:43 PM | #21
Maybe it's because I was level 50 and had gotten the free set of Recruit gear, but with my Jedi Guardian it was incredibly easy to defeat the Emperor.

No tricks, just good old-fashioned lightsaber dueling.

Then again, Old Jedi Master Kyril might just be that much of a bad*ss.

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03.19.2013 , 08:58 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Cerion View Post
Stay focused on the Emperor. Keep him targeted. Ignore the illusions running around you.

Interrupt his channels. Kick, Stasis, Awe, Force Push, leap...any and all that you can bring to bear on him.
Best advice here ignore the Adds...this makes it super easy the battle is won before you know it. Also do not worry about interrupting anything but his 1 shot attack 'force smash' or whatever its called

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03.21.2013 , 05:17 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by BojoFetti View Post
Best advice here ignore the Adds...this makes it super easy the battle is won before you know it. Also do not worry about interrupting anything but his 1 shot attack 'force smash' or whatever its called
I think the name of that power is "force blast" and it will take about 3 or 4 seconds for the Emperor to channel it. If he successfully channel it then it will cause about 40k hit points of damage killing you instantly.
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03.24.2013 , 12:37 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by MrElvG View Post
Stick him with the glowy end of your lightsaber

Most of the time people die because they're sticking the dopplegangers with the glowy end of their saber. Ignore them. When he's beaten they vanish.

Just use autotarget as he summons them to make sure you've got him selected then burn him down - and interrupt Force Smash/Blast.
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03.26.2013 , 01:24 AM | #25
Give him some tea with expired milk, then he will at least spend the rest of his immortality in the toilet.
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04.11.2013 , 03:45 PM | #26
My sentinel is no fool, she took a full strike team of her strongest friends when she went to confront the emperor (guildies, not NPCs).

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04.11.2013 , 10:44 PM | #27
I'm in agreement with Lady Fel.

I'm a Shadow, and I've killed Darth Cthulu twice, running escort with two Guardians with my guild. Here's some tricks.

1) Make sure your gear is good before you walk in. Level 45 green gear really isn't going to cut it. Neither is what a guildie did, which was buy a shiny piece from the Cartel market, then fail to put ANY armoring, enhancements, or mods in the slots (making it the approximate value of tissue paper).

2) I think you can swap T3 once you've rescued the captured companion (Doc and Rusk were the dudes in distress on my runs, Doc on a female Knight's run, Rusk on a male Knight's run).

3) Another dirty trick might be hitting escape during the convo with the Emperor and swapping companions to either Scourge (if you need to hit hard) or Doc (if you need healing). Escape key is a GREAT dirty trick with a lot of applications.

4) When Darth Cthulu splits into five not-so-easy pieces, the trick is to keep hacking away on the one you are already attacking and not lose him . Learned this one from the old Brotherhood of Shadow mod that used the same trick. Focus on the first enemy, never lose sight of him, and throw your nastiest set of attacks at him.

5) All else fails? Call your guild for backup.
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