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Jedi Knight Romance Options?

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Jedi Knight Romance Options?

DarthGile's Avatar

03.22.2013 , 02:57 PM | #11
I remember the Jedi Knight vs. Bounty Hunter video prior to launch, where they showed the Jedi Knight lock lips with a human girl with dark hair the popular ponytail hairstyle. Don't think I ever ran into that NPC in the current game... Meh, who care. Once Kira's romance starts, the whole "flirting" gets pretty much ignored by my character. He's a loyal one.

I dunno the end result of some conversations, but much of the Knight [flirts] come from world missions. The Nar Shaddaa bonus series woman at the spaceport sure sounded like she was expecting to reward me in a way which Kira might've gone dark side on her...