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Jedi Knight Force Powers vs Sith Warrior

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Jedi Knight Force Powers vs Sith Warrior

Cavell's Avatar

03.16.2013 , 02:43 AM | #11
The Knight animations may be more technically correct, but the Warrior's still look a lot better. Plus, I'm not wild about the amount of reverse gripping the Knight does, nor the whole, "I'm going to turn my back to you while slowly trying to impale you blindly as I gently nuzzle my bottom into your lap," aspect of Master Strike.

Keitanic's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 10:46 AM | #12
I find the knight to be more of a swordsman in the sense of grace and agility, whereas the warrior is a hulking berserker with a glowing laser sword. I think the knight has more realistic strikes whereas the warrior swings the blade like a baseball bat putting all its force into it.

Jut my two cents,though.