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Cathar Honor Sword

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03.15.2013 , 05:31 AM | #1
good morning

this may be a noob question, but this is my 1st mmo, so you'll have to excuse my noobness

i recently aquired the Cathar Honor Sword. I am a Combat Sentinel, can i use this item without loosing any of the abilities? i mean, cauterize, and other abilities say on the description say they need 2 lightsabers to execute the abilitie.

so i am kinda confused if i use the sword i will still be able to use like it was a lighsaber in terms of abilities.

and if it is possible to use like it is a lightsaber in terms of abilities, if i transfer the mods from my current lightsaber will the min/max damage be the same?

thx in advance
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03.15.2013 , 05:50 AM | #2
Vibrosword = (One-handed) Lightsaber

Any abilities that require the use of (one-handed) lightsabers can be used with a vibrosword.
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03.15.2013 , 06:40 AM | #3
The only real difference between a Lightsaber and a Vibrosword is the difference between their minimum and maximum damage.

So, if you were to take a "Guardian Hilt 3" that has +4 Strength, +6 Endurance and Weapon Rating of 36 and place it into a Vibrosword and a Lightsaber, you would see the following minimum and maximum values:
Vibrosword: 55.0 minimum and 78.0 maximum.
Lightsaber: 53.0 minimum and 80.0 maximum.

As you can see, the Vibrosword has slightly higher minimum damage and slightly lower maximum damage than a Lightsaber. Their average damage is the same however.

In effect, the above means that if you use a Lightsaber and your damage roll is high you will see bigger numbers than if you were using a Vibrosword. On the other hand, if you are using a Lightsaber and your damage roll is low you will see lower numbers than if you were using a Vibrosword. However, on average, your damage rolls will be somewhere between these 2 extremes and in those cases the damage is the same between both weapons.

So, in short: YES, you can use a Vibrosword in place of a Lightsaber with no problems.
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