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Fix smash / force sweep

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Fix smash / force sweep

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02.27.2013 , 06:44 PM | #1
I took a look at 2.0 and Jedi Guardians / Sentiels and their opposite get more buffs then anything else. There smashes will still be a problem, now that they get a 50% movement decrease after a force leap, and zealous leap can be used when they are immobilized. SCREW THAT BULL. WHAT IS BIOWARE THINKING NOW !!! . They got ride of Vanguards 50% movement speed decrease yet give one to jedi, such hypocrites.

Also how long has sweep/ smash been a problem and all they do for patches, is force more ******** cartel stuff down out throats.

Lets take a poll of how many ppl want to see this **** fixed.

If you see more ******** , plz talk about this open to everything, I see Vanguards getting a huge bonus as well so this isn't one sided.

Maybe Bioware will see this and if there is a lot of ppl complaining maybe this will change. we can only hope eh.

I am to the point of cancelling this ****.

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02.27.2013 , 07:10 PM | #2
Wrong forum. Try PVP.
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