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Will Sub Remove Account Upgrades?

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Will Sub Remove Account Upgrades?

Turelus's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 10:36 AM | #1
I tried some Googling and searching for this information but found anything (could just be my Google powers suck)

I'm currently a subscriber but after I finish the main story and have some okay gear I plan to drop back down to preferred and play more casually until the expansion comes out (this is a secondary MMO for me)
I'm thinking of using my cartel coins to pick up unlocks like the Artifact Equipment Authorisation for myself ready for that time, what I am worried about though is if I buy these and use them when I become preferred again, if I resub after that for the expansion will I lose the upgrades if I go back to to preferred again?

It seem unlikely, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
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FizzwickNuffaa's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 10:52 AM | #2
You might ought direct this to Customer Service for a definitive answer but I would fully expect any permanent unlocks you buy to be persistent through however many sub/unsub cycles you go through. I would think that's part of what they're for.

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02.24.2013 , 10:04 PM | #3
Very good question. I'd like to know this as well.
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Ithilwen's Avatar

02.24.2013 , 10:38 PM | #4
it's supposed to stick, even if you sub and then unsub... Whether or not it actually works like that is the question...

I think there are other threads that have asked this. I dont remember, but some may have been answered by devs.
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