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WTB Server Transfers

Crumpehh's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 01:46 PM | #1
A year into the game and still no server transfers? There was even free transfers in June, but you could only transfer to a specified server. You would think if BW could transfer 1000s of players to different servers 9 months ago, there would surely be server transfers where you can transfer to any server you please.
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Eldrenath's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 03:45 PM | #2
Yup. I'd gladly pay for server transfers. Haven't paid for cartel coins yet (apart from my monthly sub), but if they allow me to transfer my old toons I'd gladly buy some cartel coins.

Sheike's Avatar

02.21.2013 , 12:39 AM | #3
Could we please get some sort of developer input on this. If we can copy characters to PTS, I find it hard to believe we couldn't do the same thing for other servers. I have two 50's I want to play with, but never do since my guild is on a different server. Any Dev input at all would be appreciated.

Asavar's Avatar

02.21.2013 , 07:23 AM | #4
They've already stated many times the PTS character copy is the ground work for server transfer and, if successful, will lead to server transfers being implemented soon after.